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The Postman Missions Quest

The Postman Quest The Postman Quest is a very important quest that gives you different benefits, the most important of which is to use the mailboxes you find in different

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The Djinn War – Efreet Faction

También conocida como: Green Djinn Quest Tipo de quest: Main Quests Nivel necesario: 30 Premium: Sí Zona del Mapa: Kha’zeel Monsters you can find… Snake Hyaena Orc Cobra Orc Spearman

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The Silver Rune Emblem (UH)

Quest Type: Main Quests Level required: No level requirement. Premium: Yes Map Area: Edron Monsters you can find… Bat Wolf Bear Wild Warrior Wisp Poacher Stalker Dark Apprentice Hunter Minotaur

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Alawar's Vault Quest

Alawar’s Vault Quest

Alawar’s Vault Quest Want to complete Alawar’s Vault Quest? then we leave you the complete guide so that you can make it, enjoy your rewards. Also known as: Senja Castle

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Draconia Quest in Spanish

Quest Type: Main Quests Required level: 25 Premium: No Map Area: Ab’Dendriel Monsters you can find… Spider Poison Spider Skeleton Rotworm Scorpion Carrion Worm Ghoul Mummy Slime Bonelord Demon Skeleton

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Against The Spider Cult Quest

Also known as: Terra Amulet Quest Quest Type: Main Quests Level required: No level requirement. Premium: Yes Map Area: Edron Monsters you can find… Snake Poison Spider Orc Orc Spearman

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Kissing a Pig Quest

Kissing a Pig Quest

Kissing a Pig Quest An evil witch has cursed Princess Shantalla and turned her into a pig until the world’s best kisser kisses her. Do you know what this means?

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A Pirate's Tail Quest

A Pirate’s Tail Quest

A Pirate's Tail Quest Venorean merchant Eustacio will give us information about recent attacksof the Pirats around all of Tibia and will ask us for our help in defeating

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Bosses guide for free account

Boss guide in free account There are several options to hunt Bosses in free zone, below a small guide of those considered most important because of the valuables of the

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Places to do Bestiary

We have prepared a table with excellent places to make Bestiary, remember that in some places it is highly recommended to go when it is Rapid Respawn to complete the

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