The Bosstiary was part of the 2022 summer update to Tibia Cyclopedia that allows you to check which bosses you’ve killed and how often. The Bosstiary will have the same function as the Bestiary, but with additional things as rewards.

There are 3 levels of progression to unlock each Boss.


  • You receive the first Boss slot when you unlock Prowess for the first time.
  • If you select a Boss for the Bosses slot, you will benefit from a 25% bonus on the Equipment Loot (Set). This means that you have a 25% chance of receiving another loot of equipment from the Boss.
  • This bonus only applies to items that can be equipped, unless they are limited to one Boss kill loot, for example, the Ferumbras’ Hat. These unique items are not affected by this bonus.


  • allows you to showcase this Boss on a Podium of Vigour in your home or guildhall. Example:
  • Your character will receive a free Podium of Vigour for unlocking Expertise for the first time. (It will automatically appear in your Store Inbox when you reach the second bar, i.e. Expertise). Example:

After that, you will be able to purchase additional Podiums for 1kk (1,000,000) from the NPC Emael. You can buy as many Podiums as you want and they will appear in your store inbox when purchased (as if it were a store item).

  • The Podium of Vigour can be configured through a specific window similar to that of the Podium of Renown (It can be purchased in the Store for 500 Tibia Coins to show the outfits and mounts of the character who bought it).


  • Grants you an additional 25% bonus on Set Loot when this Boss is assigned to a Boss tile.
  • Completing the Bosses entries to accumulate Boss points is worthwhile: The set loot bonus of the Bosses tile can gradually increase up to 182% by accumulating points. In addition, a second Bosses slot will be unlocked when you reach 1500 boss points. Example:

The number of Boss kills required for each level of progress depends on how often the respective Boss can be killed within a certain amount of time. There are three categories: Bane, Archfoe, and Nemesis.


Bane Bosses requires 25, 100, and 300 kills to unlock their progress levels that reward 5, 15, and 30 Boss points.

List of Bosses Bane.


It requires 5, 20, and 60 kills to unlock its progress levels that reward 10, 30, and 60 Boss Points.

List of Archfoe Bosses


It requires 1, 3, and 5 kills to unlock its progress levels that reward 10, 30, and 60 Boss Points.

List of Nemesis Bosses

Along with the Bosstiary, the daily Boss Boosted was implemented. Defeating a Boosted Boss is lucrative, as Boosted Bosses contain more loot and count more towards your Bosstiary. You can see the Boosted Boss just like the boosted creature when you log in to the game or on the page.

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