Tibia Calculators

We develop calculators and special tools for Tibia. Why don't you explore? they are fantastic and very useful.

Skills Calculator

Calculate how many Exercice Weapons you need to raise skill or Magic Level.

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Party Finder

No Team? we find you players who can share with you.

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Party Shared

Party Shared Calculator, enter your LVL and discover.

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Hot Cuisine App

Calculator for the Hot Cuisine event, get the ingredients very fast.

In Repair

Tibia Coins Price

Calculate the price of Tibia Coins by amounts, updated prices for Mexico.

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Gold Changer

Ideal for calculating how many CT would cost you to buy GOLD in lukewarm

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Profit and Waste

Calculator to distribute profit in a team hunt.

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Loot Analyer

Automatic calculator to distribute waste and profit in a team hunt.


Boss Timer

Activate counters to know when you can kill a certain boss again.

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Imbuiments Calculators


Check if you get cheaper imbuir from Vampirism with items or buying GT.

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Void: Mana theft

Check if you get cheaper to imbue Void with items or buy Gold Tokens.

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Strike: Critical Strike

Check if you get cheaper imbuing Strike with items or buying Gold Tokens.

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