Galthen and the Lost Queen

Adventures of Galthen Quest Full guide

In this adventure we will delve more into what happened with Yselda the wife of Kesar, leader of the Order of lions and we will get to the bottom of this situation.

350, Recommended: 400+




Quest Rewards

Royal Bounacean Outfit Female
Royal Bounacean Outfit Male

Achivement: Woodcarver

Monsters you'll face

Crypt Warrior
Crypt Warrior
Dark Carnisylvan
Dark Carnisylvan
Dark Carnisylvan


xp boost
Level 250+
Quest: The order of Lion

Starting La Quest:

We will have to go with Kesar in his bastion for the day that is the minute 00:15 of each hour we will have until the minute 00:45 to be able to interact with himsince it is done at night and it goes to sleep.

When the time is right we will talk to him saying hi - yselda - yes will tell us to contact Lesh The Seer who is outside the villa.

Didn't find Lesh The Seer?

Didn't find Lesh The Seer?

To Lesh The Seer we will say yselda and update us questlog will explain the serious situation and that we will have to follow in Galthen’s footsteps to develop more what happened.

So we will have to go visit Spectulus to the academy of magicians of Edron to talk to him about it with the following dialogue: Hi – Yselda – Yes and she will clarify that Yselda left us clues that may interest Kesar and that she hopes that you will find what really happened to her.

Now we will have to find clues about the whereabouts of Yselda so we will have to investigate in the city
in this regard looking for clues that give us an idea that it is really happening in Bounac.

So we will go to the Tavern of Bounac and talk to the NPC Innkeeper Alphonse telling him: hi – yselda – yes – yes – yes will give us a note with the words: DEMIHBOULDR SOMMBHA WITHER, related to the curse of yselda (We will need them later).

Now we must find the most important part of this story, galthen’s lost bag.

We will leave the tavern to the southwest and we will find The Fisherman’s House with an idol below, we will stand at the SQM right of the idol and we will click the SQM to the south of the idol, then we will say the words VBOX.

We will be sent to a room where we can see countless Deathlings but do not worry not
they can hurt us.

We will continue south and find a dry tree we will click and give us the lost belongings of Galthen which we can open and read.

After a moment we will be transported to Bounac again.

Now we must report all our discoveries to Kesar, just go with him and tell him: Yselda

Kesar will give us access to the Catacombs of Bounac with the beg that we do not let anything we find there escape from his prison, we must go to the underground access of Bounac and go through the iron gate that protects the dark secret.

Here the danger begins, be very careful with the Crypt Warrior as they hit just like the Elite Skeleton Warrior of the Darashia desert.

Just follow this path, I’ll break it down into 2 parts to make it more understandable.

Road to the Carnisylvan from Catacombs of Bounac.
Road from Carnisylvan to the Cauldron.

Once we find the cauldron we will ask for several ingredients: 20 Carnisylvan Fingers – 10 Carnisylvan Barks – 2 Human Teeth.

These items can be obtained by killing any type of Carnisylvan in the respawn, once all the ingredients have been obtained we will have to pour them into the cauldron, no matter the order only that the amount is correct, since we put everything we will use the cauldron and update the quest log.

Now we can face Yselda, the path is as follows:

We will prepare for the fight against Yselda, as soon as we enter the room we must say the words they told us about the curse: DEMIHBOULDR SOMMBHA WITHER, we recommend that you put them in Hotkeys.

We will simply focus on hurting Yselda and the druids with the precacution of not curing Yselda with Exura gran mas res because it heals her significantly.

In addition, you must be healing the 4 Megasylvan Sapling that are in the room, none of them must die to finish the boss properly.

Once defeated, he will award us the following “Woodcarver” achievement.

If we want to know what happened to her I’ll actually just tell her Hi and she’ll tell you the reality of the story,

Now we will go with Kesar and tell him about Yselda and here he will award the Royal Bounacean Outfit Base.

Credits Adventures of Galthen Quest

All credits correspond to: Ghost.

Adventures of Galthen Quest: Complete guide.

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