Activity System

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What is the activity system?

The activity system has the purpose of rewarding the most active users of Tibiapedia, carrying out from small to large actions you can collect points that you can exchange for fabulous rewards.

The more you contribute, the better the prizes will be and we can offer more things.

How do i participate?

You only need to register in Tibiapedia, all tibiapedia consists of two parts: Website and our forum, therefore it is necessary that you are registered in the two platforms (they are separate accounts), you can register on the website here: Website registration and in the forum from here: Forum Registration. Having your two accounts, you can start participating.

How can I earn points?

There are two ways to earn points, the first is small actions where the activity system automatically gives you points.

The next table shows all the automatic ways to earn points:

Instance Amount Limit
Puntos De Bienvenida 50 -
Puntos Por tu visita diaria a Tibiapedia 1 -
Puntos por ver un post 1 Maximum once per day
Puntos por un comentario aprobado. 1 Maximum 1 times per post and Maximum 1 times per day
Puntos por publicar un nuevo post. 5 No limit
Puntos por publicar achievement 1 No limit
Puntos por publicar un video 1 No limit
Puntos for rating a post 1 Maximum 5 times per week
Puntos for rating a post 1 Maximum 5 times per week

How else can I earn points?

Performing actions that the points system cannot measure automatically because it requires regulation, therefore they are more valuable contributions and the points rewards are higher.

Action Amount Limit
Publishing a guide on tibia (quest or useful tips). 25 There is not limit
Publishing some Achievement. 1 There is not limit
Publishing an article of interest 5 There is not limit
Participating in contest 5 1 time per contest
Translating a news 5 1 time per news
Creating a Reel for instagram. 10 There is not limit
Creating a tool or calculator for Tibia 150 There is not limit
Posting your own video with the Tibiapedia logo 10 There is not limit

The way to contribute content is done through the forum, there you can publish: Guides, articles of interest, images for social networks.

Once published, the administration will review the content and it will be published on the main website and you will be awarded the corresponding points for your contributions.

Forum: Aportaciones de contenido.

To publish Achievements an easier way has been created, because the theme allows it due to the type of information that each achievement has in common, you can publish from here: Publish Achievement.

General rules:

  1. This system was implemented on March 4, 2020 and will remain active until canceled by the Tibiapedia administration.
  2. To participate you must be registered on the Tibiapedia website and in the forum.
  3. The Tibiapedia administration can change the amount of points required for any reward at any time.
  4. The Tibiapedia administration can change the reward list at any time.
  5. If a user violates the Tibiapedia rules, points will be deducted (or completely eliminated). This includes forum spam, abusive comments, etc.
  6. If a user is caught abusing the system (cheating in any way) the Tibiapedia administration can remove all their points.
  7. You can verify your number of activity points by accessing “My account” and then “My Points”, you can also exchange your points for rewards when you complete them.
  8. Points are valid for an indefinite period.
  9. The Staff or any other member who has received a Tibiapedia (for winning a contest, or for being part of the staff) will not have the right to claim a new item with their points, but they can exchange the points for another reward.
  10. Tibiapedia does not allow copying / pasting or plagiarizing translated content (news, newsticker, articles) from other fan sites.
  11. If a user adds content and Tibiapedia approves it, they will be awarded their corresponding points.
  12. Users must have registered at least 6 months to be able to claim any reward.
  13. The Tibiapedia administration may change the rules without prior notice when it deems it necessary.

Process to claim rewards:

Once you have the necessary points to claim a reward, you must follow these steps:

  1. Choose your reward from the reward list.
  2. The Tibiapedia administration will verify that you have the necessary points.
  3. We will probably contact you by private message on our forum to get more details (for example, the character name where you want to get your reward).
  4. We will deliver your reward and subtract the points spent
  5. Now, you can exchange points again in the reward lists section.

Available rewards:

Verified Profile

Check your Tibiapedia profile
Cost: 300 Points.

250 Tibia Coins

Get 250 Tibia Coins
Cost: 400 Points.

1 Month of Exitlag

Get a game code from Exit lag
Cost: 400 Points.


Get our official item.
Cost: 2,000 Points.