A Pirate’s Tail Quest

A Pirate's Tail Quest

A Pirate's Tail Quest

Venorean merchant Eustacio will give us information about recent attacks
of the Pirats around all of Tibia and will ask us for our help in defeating them.
as part of: A Pirate's Tail Quest

Main Quest



Scratching mainly.

Quest Rewards

Outfit: Rascoohan
Mount: Krakoloss

Monsters you'll face

Angry Elemental
Angry Elemental
Cheese Thief
Elite Pirats
Exotic Bat
Exotic Bat
Exotic Cave Spider
Exotic Cave Spider
Gust Of Wind
Gust Of Wind
Mean Termite
Pirat Bombardier
Pirat Bombardier
Pirat Cutthroat
Pirat Cutthroat
Pirat Mate
Pirat Mate
Pirat Scoundrel
Quara Saboteur
Quara Saboteur
Spy Rat
Spy Rat


MultiPurpose Tool or Pic
Multipurpose tool or pic
xp boost
Level 100+


Eustacio asks us to repel the attacks of the Pirats around all tibia the invations can vary in type of invation and location of them here we show you how and when to participate in them.


Let’s go to Venore just leaving the boat to venore a ladder on the right we go down and we’ll go left down the corridor in the back there it will be Eustathius We’ll tell you “Mission – Yes” then “ORB – Flintstone” and it will give us questlog, it will ask us to go to the following places on the map which have 3 types of raid.



Online Map
Click Here

Port Hope

Online Map
Click Here



Liberty Bay


IMPORTANT NOTE : Raids happen every 30 minutes after the active raid is complete to know where an active raid is we will simply say “location” to Eustacio and tell us the place.

Once with 1500 we go with Eustacio and report “mission – yes” now we must go north of the Issavi depot and enter by clicking on the sea shell that is on the ground and we will be sent to Rascacoon Island.


We will follow this path and thus arrive with Tik’hi Tak’he and report “mission – yes” and now he will ask us to do some tasks to obtain “trust points” or trusted points so that he can assign us more missions and continue with the quest.

To activate the shortcut we use the rope and it will send us with Eustacio to which we will only say “shortcut – yes” and send us to Rascacoon.


There are 3 ways to get Trust Points: Memory Game, Supplies and Sneakyrat, enjoy: A Pirate's Tail Quest

Memory game

Well the name says it all, we'll have to remember the pattern of the image they show us in the center of the island
then locate the right pattern, wait a little and ready will give us 5 points, the task can be done every 2 hours, if you do well it is 50 points.


The next task I recommend a group of 5 people to secure the 200 points at the end here we must drag cheese to a hatch in the center and make sure that the rats that appear do not destroy the cheese or lose, find a chest to the right of the room, click and give them an item type Arcane Staff that they use in the rats because they will be immune when using the item are transformed and can be overcome , once the task is finished there will be 200 reward points and a cooldown of 20 hours.

Support video

Sneaky Rat

In this task we must be patient at every step you have to cross without the light from the wall seeing us so you have to put the visual effects at 30% for more field vision you don't have to be meele from the rats or get us out of the room which gives 200 points to and a cooldown of 20 hours.

Support video

After obtaining the 1200 trust points that they asked us for, we will go to report “mission – yes” with Tik’hi Tak’he to be able to face the first boss of this quest, which is the kraken “Tentugly” which when defeated will give us the Krakoloss mount and a Cheesy Key we’ll need for the second part of the quest.

HOW TO KILL Tentugly Boss?

The boss is in the next location, you must destroy all his tentacles and end his life, the tentacles are on the 2 floors of the ship.


Support video

HOW TO KILL Ratmiral Blackwhiskers?

Now comes the most complicated part of A Pirate's Tail Quest the final boss for the Rascacoon Outfit.

The fight has 3 phases.

How to get to the room Ratmiral Blackwhiskers?

You have to start from this position, to get back here you only have to say “sail – safe – yes” to Captain Jack Rat in the anteroom of the boss room of the Kraken.
And the way to the Boss is as follows:

First Phase

Destroying the weak point of the ship this part is the hardest lapelea protection is recommended Life Drain For this part, what we have to do is hold the cannon shots until the weak spot falls to speed up the process. Rum Barrel to the Weak Spot so that it explodes and falls faster.

first phase 1
Click to enlarge the image
first phase 2
Click to enlarge the image

Second Phase

We simply defeat Mister Catkiller and a ladder will appear north of the room to advance to the last phase.

Third Phase

When climbing use the tub with water to the north will help them against the end as the boss hits a line of fire between 800-1500 damage, when using the tub will mitigate us 6 waves can be used every 1-2 minutes, it will appear 1st Mate Ratticus Just attack him, out of the damage he takes, the other bosses will appear.

Then Ratmiral Blackshikers will appear, which by losing life will invoke other boses, the safest way to kill the Boses is to position yourself to the south left of the room.

second boss
Click to enlarge the image
second boss 2
Click to enlarge the image
second boss 3
Recommended locations to kill boss.

Once the Boss is defeated we return with Tik’hi Tak’he we report“mission – yes”and we will get our Rascacoon Outfit

Ready for this method is obtained as much as the Krakoloss mount and the Rascoohan outfit, the outfit addons are obtained by dropping Scrubbing Brush and a Soap probably from Ratmiral or Tentugly boss.

A Pirate's Tail Quest Journey Task

This introduction is the task of the quest A Pirate's Tail Quest which can be done at the time of defeating the boss kraken Tentugly and obtained the Cheese Key that drips whenever we defeat it so If you want to get the new look for the summons we recommend following these steps.

Quest Rewards

Skin for your Family member depending on your vocation.

And statues depending on your vocation.


To have defeated Tentugly in A Pirat'es Tail quest and obtained the Cheesy Key.


First of all we will head to the city of Liberty Bay specifically to the Corym Black Market which is located in the poor part of the city and go down the sewer towards the coryms there we must get a letter to start with the task let’s just follow this path.

Way to go:

road to market coryms
Click to enlarge the image
road to market coryms 2
Click to enlarge the image
road to market coryms 3
Click to enlarge the image

Once the letter is obtained we will now go to the left side of the same floor where we will find a parrot called Larry to which we will simply tell“Rita”and update us questlog.

Once this is done we will go to the city of Venore by the east exit south of the bank and depot where we will find Sniff who will ask us for help in recovering his lost belongings in the ocean south of Venore we will tell him “Help – yes” and we will continue in our search south of the Plains Of Havoc.

road to plains of havoc
Road to Plains Of Havoc

Here we will find a small shark-infested beach at the end of it are the belongings of Sniff which we must recover by swimming among the sharks which will give us 500 to 1000 damage when we make a mistake and swim in a place we shouldn’t so here we leave you 2 videos of how to do it safely.

Support video

Support video

Now we will go back to Sniff and report“mission – yes” now Sniff will ask us to visit his sister Ra’Clette to whom we will offer our help by telling him“help – yes”he will ask us to retrieve some personal item from Eustacio to make a Voodo doll from him.

If you’ve earned the trust of Eustathius Go to him and tell him about your house, saying, “House” will give us access to your house in the south central area of Venore here we show you where, when entering we will simply click on the furniture in the corner of the house and we will get a handkerchief of Eustathius Now we’re taking it to Ra’Clete.

eustice house
Click to enlarge
eustecio house 2
Click to enlarge

After offering our help to Ra’Clette

eustice house3
Click to enlarge
Sustale House 5
Click to enlarge

We took Eustacio’s handkerchief to Ra’Clete which would send us to the city of Thais to find his brother Cheese’s words which are located on a wall in a cell in Thais prison south of the city right where the Blessings of Inquisition are purchased with Henricus we give him use to the wall and give us questlog.

Once you have completed all these steps you will already be able to access the task to be able to get our new appearance for the Family which is a little complicated if you do not have coordination with the team, here we will show you how to do this task we’ll head north to Rascacoon where we will find a teleport which will take us to the task.

This part is necessary the participation of the whole team so we recommend being communicated all the time
so that none of the tasks fail and do not take away points in order to get to treasure island safely there are several threats that we must control which we will specify their method below.

Gust of Wind

Here will appear some elementals which we will have to position in the center of the raft right on the right side the Gust of wind are moving away from us and follow us a certain range of frames so we recommend not to be meele or will not walk properly the best method is to put many Magic Wall Runes online and so they position the Captain Coohan will be our best friend in this task since he will warn us that threat approaches be attentive to your dialogues we will have to endure 10 minutes doing these tasks so good luck!

gust of wind

Be Serpents

The serpents do nothing special just give a straight all over the raft that simply does damage does not remove points when impacting with us, just avoid them.

be serpent

Water Elementals

Elemental waters are also not a threat to our points so we will simply have to eliminate them

be serpent

Mean Termintes

Terramites have to be very fast and eliminate them all because they will take away points to reach the mast for each embankment or mast attack will take 5 points from us.

Quarra Saboteur

Here in all threats we always recommend having the Raccoon Supplies surrounded by Energy Bomb Runes since the Quarras Saboteur will not appear next to it but a little further away since if they destroy us a box they will take us 5 points per box destroyed.

Quarra Saboteur


Here we will have to go to the left side of the raft and prevent the marine litter from colliding with our boat or taking away 5 points what we should do is simply use the cannon as if it were a rune and aim it at the garbage that comes towards us if you come to fail has a cooldown of 10 seconds which we recommend you go to the next canyon and try again.

ISLE DEL Treasure

We hope you've brought your Cheese Key here or you'll have to wait until 20 hours pass to get back in to get the reward you don't need to defeat the boss tentugly just by having the key, a friend can lend you his key since (AT the moment) it is not consumed when using the chest when obtaining the reward once this is done we simply go out the raft from the north giving use to his left side.

And ready we’ll have our new look for the Familiar and an activatable statuette that will give us elemental effects depending on the statuette you use when using it.


All credits correspond to:

❤️ Thank you forever❤️

A Full Pirate's Tail Quest.

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