Galthen And The City Of Gold, Part I

Part I


  • x5 Nails
  • Multi-Purpose Tool
  • Be level 100/150+

The first step you need to access Iksupan is to go to Roshamuul, specifically with the Sandomo NPC that is located to the northeast.

You will say “Hi – Door – Yes – Grandfather – Key – Diary” at the end of the dialogue it will give you questlog and 2 items, the first is a piece of paper that you must click on that same place and the second is the first of three parts to form the key to end the access.

The second part of the key is located in Oramond, for this part you must have 5 nails in your Backpack. The place you will go to is here, where the arrow in the image marks it.

While in the place, you must click on the box that is in the middle of the others:

After clicking on the box, you will have 5 pieces of wood in your backpack, so you must use the wood or the nails to the wood (both items must be in the same backpack) which is located south next to the stairs.

After using the wood or nails on the wood that is on the floor, you must click it and it will teleport you to a small island with a dragon corpse in the center, to get the second part of the key you must click the corpse.

The third part of the key is located in Folda’s -1, specifically where it is marked in the image:

When you arrive at the site, you must use your multi-purpose tool or a shovel, in the SQM that marks the image:

After using your tool or shovel on the sqm, a hole will open up through which you will go down and go south and take the third and last part of the key, which is located in the skeleton.

Once you have the three parts of the key, you are going to head towards Port Hope, specifically in the place shown in the image:

Then when you get to the spot, you must have the 3 pieces of the key in the same backpack and once you have them all you will use one piece on top of another and it will give you a complete key that you will use at the north gate.

By using all the keys, you will already have access to Iksupan, the city of gold.

Part II

Now having access to Iksupan you will be able to face the Boss Ahau, to get to this Boss you must follow the images that we will show you below:

You must follow the map, to where it is marked with the X.

After arriving at the place that is marked in the last image of the map, you will have to enter the portals and then form up in the room to enter the Boss.

When you enter the room boss, you and your team must defeat the boss 4 times. Each time Ahau is defeated, the lava on the sides will grow, causing considerable damage to health, so it is recommended to stay in the center or south of the room.

Defeating the boss will give you the living idol of Tukh as loot and using it will give you the Ancient Aucar outfit

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