Grimevale: Paradise Lost

Grimvale: Paradise Lost Full guide

Dominizian tells us about a new island called Oskayaat that is suffering from the curse of the full moon, we will help him investigate and end the curse that is killing many innocent people on this new island. Grimvale: Paradise Lost awaits.

Level Premium difficulty zone

(recommended 250+)
Ankrahmun, Darashia, Oskayaat

Quest Rewards

Toy Ball (To tame a Foxmouse)

Access to Oskayaat Depot
Access to various hunting areas

Monsters you'll face

White Tiger
White Weretiger
Cunning Werepanther
Feral Werecrocodile


Grimevale Quest to Quest: An Ancient Feud

Blood Brothers Quest up to Mission 3 (access to Vengoth)

Money to travel.

Starting La Quest:


The people of Oskayaat are suffering from the curse of the full moon, many innocent people are being controlled by a bestial and destructive instinct from the bottom of their being, you need to help all the innocent people get out of the curse.

We’ll start by talking to Domizian in Darshia, tell him: Hi, mission, yes.

He will tell us that Darashia is not the only area affected by the curse and that you will need to talk to a ferryman named Tonar to get information about Oskayaat.

Find Tonar in Ankrahmun and tell him: hi, passage.

He will tell you that his ocarina has been stolen and that he will take you to Oskayaat if you get it back. He mentions that thieves hide north of Ankrahum in underground caves.

We’ll go to Mother of Scarabs Lair, going down two floors we’ll find the Ocarina by clicking on a sarcophagus in this location.


When he has the ocarina, go back to Tonar, and give him the ocarina, he will let you travel to Oskayaat.

Ancient Moon Temple I - Sun (Mosaics)

In this part you don’t know much about the island, if you explore you will find Werepanthers, Wererocodiles and Feral Werecrocodiles, you must go to this cave.

This place is divided into two areas, dedicated to the sun and the moon, to the south in the center you will find an inaccessible portal in this location.

To be able to enter you must step on 6 tiles that are hidden throughout the cave (5 are here and another in another cave), when you step on them you will see a message: “Click”.


Mosaic 1.



Mosaic 2.



Mosaic 3.



Mosaic 4.



Mosaic 5.



Mosaic 6.


Once you step on the 6 Tiles you will be able to enter the inaccessible portal in this location.

Ancient Moon Temple II - Moon (Moon Phases)

Once you are inside you have to solve a puzzle similar to the previous one, but now there is a correct order.

On this floor you must find and click on 5 lunar symbols that are on the walls.

Once done you will be able to unlock a secret passage by clicking on this wall (here).

Before you go to this door I show you the locations and order of the 5 moon phases and their order for you to activate them.

  • 1st Phase of the Moon ( Here)
  • 2nd Phase of the Moon ( Here )
  • 3rd Phase of the Moon ( Here )
  • 4th Phase of the Moon ( Here )
  • 5th Phase of the Moon ( Here )

Once you have activated the 5 moon phases you must go to the secret area to click on the Sixth Symbol.

You will find the NPC Werepanther Niral, tell him: Hi, mission, control.

He’ll tell you that he’s one of the few who can control his instincts and ask for your help in controlling the curse, so we’ll go to the start of the quest with Dominizian for more information.

Ancient Ritual Lunar Runes

We must go to Domizian in Darasia and say, “Hi, curse.”

He will explain that the curse can be controlled by a ritual that is divided into 3 parts: ” runes”, “instruments” and “sacrifice”.

When we ask Domizian about the runes, he will explain that this part of the ritual involves the activation of several lunar runes, but that only lunar priests know how to do this ritual, and he sends us to investigate with the King of the Werelions because he should know something.

Now you must go to the Lion Sectum and talk to the NPC Heliodor.

Once with Heliodor say to him: Hi, runes

Talking to him, he will tell us that he understands the situation of Oskayaat and will give us access to a chest to the north herewhich will contain the Domizian’s Scrolls.

Now you must return to Niral (NPC Werepanther). (Lunar activations are no longer necessary.)

When you get to her, say: “Hi, curse.”


Go to the initial part of the island and walk until you reach this desert area, and wait for night to activate the lunar runes (by stepping on them) in the order marked to form the words: Sun and Moon

Rune 1 (S)


Rune 2 (SUN)


Rune 3 (AND)


Rune 4 (M)


Rune 5 (OO)


Rune 6 (N)


Ancient Ritual Sacred Instruments

About the instruments, Dominizian tells us that it is necessary to have 2 sacred instruments which we are going to get:


We need to go to Tonar and say: hi, scarab ocarina

He will ask us to bring him a dead and dry Scarab so that we can make the ocarina for you.

You need to go kill a Scarab and bring the body to him, you need to wait for him to reach the second stage of decomposition where his green blood is no longer seen: .

When this happens tell Tonar Scarab Ocarina, and after waiting 20 minutes say the same thing again and he will give you your Scarab Ocarina


To create a Conch Shell Horn you will first need to get a Conch Shell and a Wooden Mouthpiece.

  • You can get the Conch Shell at night in a Large Turquoise Seashell Here
  • Wooden Mouthpiece can be obtained from a chest west of the city depot Here
  • , in a room that’s locked and you can’t open it.

Note: In order to open the room with the chest, you need to burn a Dewberry palm leaf with an annotation in the Shrine of the Moon Goddess

Once you have the 2 items, use one on the other to have a Conch Shell.

Ancient Ritual Sacrifice

Dominizian tells us that it is necessary to sacrifice someone who has been touched by the Were curse but has never harmed another living being. If you talk to NPC Niral (Wherepanther) he will tell you that he is willing to give his life, but asks you to find another way to do it.

Remember to burn a Dewberry palm leaf with an annotation in the Shrine of the Moon Goddess. And then play the 2 sacred instruments: Conch Shell Horn and Scarab Ocarina.

Go back to Niral (NPC Werepanther) (remember you need to activate the moon phases to get there) and tell him hi, mission

They will thank you and ask you to come back the next day (24 hours real) to check their status again.

When he returns the next day he will tell you that the curse can now be controlled and as a thank you he will give you a Toy Ball, so that you can tame a .

Credits Grimvale Paradise Lost

Grimvale: Paradsie Lost Complete Guide.

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