Places to do Bestiary

We have prepared a table with excellent places to make Bestiary, remember that in some places it is highly recommended to go when it is Rapid Respawn to complete the Bestiary without investing so much time.

There are only a few places you can take as a reference, but there are many others.

Amazon + ValkirieAmazon camp Venore30
Lizard Sentinel, Templar, Snake charmer, Black, Green, Red, Blue culist'sAnkrahmun Cult Cave145
GladiatorArena Quarter Yalahar15Solamente en Rapid Respawn
Kongra, Merlkin + SibangBanuta -145
Barbarian Brutetamer, Skullhunter, headsplitterBarbarian camp Svargrond45
Blue djinn, Marid, LionsBlue Djinn Fortress Basement65
Ice golems + Crystal SpidersCaverna à esquerda do barbariam camp em Svargrond50
Dwarf soldiers, Guards, GeomancersCircle room/Dwarf Hell Quest55Solamente en Rapid Respawn
Swampling, Leaf golem, Wilting leaf golemCormaya Dryad Garden55
StonerefinersCorym Mines Venore25
Dragons + Dragon hatchlingDarashia Dragon Cave50Solamente en Rapid Respawn
Minotaur, Archer, Guard, MageDarashia Mino Pyramid c/Fire Bombs60
WaspsDarashia c/Firebombs5Solamente en Rapid Respawn
Wild warriors, Bandits, Smugglers, AssassinsDark cathedral -160
Assassins + Dark MonksDark Cathedral -230
DworcsDworc Cave Tiquanda45
Iron, Gold, Diamond servantsEdron Mad Mage Tower130
OrcEdron orc cave with fire bombs15
Vampire, Viscount, Bride + SnakesEdron Vampire Crypt80
Energy elementalentre os teleports de Vengoth Castle25
Dragon lords + Dragon lord hatchlingsFenrock50
Goblin leaderFenrock, along the way to the DL's spawn30
Skeletons, Ghoul, Mummy, Crypt shamblerForbidden Tomb Edron60
GnarlhoundGnarlhound cave (Zao steppe)15Solamente en Rapid Respawn
Island TrollGoroma Island5Solamente en Rapid Respawn
Fire elementals + Fire devilsGoroma volcano40
Green djinn, Efreet, StalkerGreen Djinn Fortress Basement65
Furious fire elementalsHellgate Ab'Dendriel25Solamente en Rapid Respawn
Grave robber, Crypt defiler, Honour guard & Squidgy slimeHorestis Tomb60Sólo cuando HORESTIS CURSE no está activa
Hydra + Bog raiderHydra cave Oramond west50
Barbarians red + Ice witchesIce witch tower (barbarian camp svargrond)50Solamente en Rapid Respawn
Chakoyas + Polar bearsInukaya (dog sled from nibelor)60
Drill wormsKazordoon Drill worm cave east25
Giant spider, Brimstone bugs, Wailing widowKrailos Spider Cave75
Tortoise, Blood crab, Thornback tortoiseLaguna Island Caves45
Azure, Crimson, Green, Orchid, Coral frogs, Crab, Toad, CrocodileLaguna Island Surface110Solamente en Rapid Respawn
Bonelord, Gazer, Elder bonelord, BraindeathLiberty Bay Bonelord Cave80
Cobra, Scorpion, Terramites, LarvaLions Rock60
Water ElementalLvl 50 Port Hope Water Elemental Cave25
Serpent spawn, Medusa, Omnivora + Clay guardianMedusa tower Tiquanda100
Gargoyle, Stone golem, TarantulaMeriana gargoyle cave45
Parot, Tiger + ChickenMeriana Island c/Firebombs25Solamente en Rapid Respawn
Cyclops, Smith, DroneMistrock65
Scarab, Bonebeast, Ancient scarabMother of Scarabs Lair Ankrahmun65
Pirate skeleton + Pirate ghostNargor subterranio30
NomadsNomad Cave Ankrahmun (Arito's Task)15
Sea serpent, Young sea serpent + Deepsea blood crabNorte spawn Svargrond65
Frost dragons + Frost dragon hatchlingsOkolnir50
Blood beast, Rot elemental, Glooth blob, DevourerOramond West100
Orcs warrior, Spearmen, Berserker, Shaman, RiderOrc fortress 'tower'85
Orc leader, WarlordOrc king chamber65Solamente en Rapid Respawn
Stalker + GhostPeninsula Tomb30
Wolves, War wolves, Bears, Boars + WyvernsPoachers Cave (sul de Ab'Dendriel)75
Ghost wolf + Gloom wolfPoachers Cave (sul de Ab'Dendriel)30
Hunter + PoacherPoachers Cave (sul de Ab'Dendriel)30
Carniphila + Spit nettlePort Hope Laboratory40
Bugs, Swamp trolls, Spider, Poison SpiderPort Hope Swamp Troll Cave30
Water Elemental, Quara Hydromancer, Mantassin, Pincher ScoutsPort Hope Water Elemental Dungeon55
FirestarterShadowthorn15Solamente cuando el Shadowthorn este en llamas
Water BuffaloSouth east of Venore surface30
Mammoths, Badgers, Penguins, Silver rabbit, Winter wolfSul de Svargrond, perto do buraco da HoD35
Quara Constrictor + PredatorTalahu Island -330
Dwarf henchmenTechnomancer Spot Kazordoon (Secret Service Questline Room)25Solamente en Rapid Respawn
Rats + Cave ratsThais Sewer10
WyrmsVandura Mountain -1 (Liberty Bay)25
Earth elemental + NightstalkerVandura Mountain Liberty Bay50
Demon skeleton, Haunted treeling, SlimeVengoth Surface65
SlugVenore slug cave15Solamente en Rapid Respawn
Elf, Scout, ArcanistYalahar45
Mutataed humansYalahar Alchemist Quarter25
Mutated tigers + Mutated batsZao Temple Complex (Thais Fire Portal)50
Wereboar, Bear, WolfGrimvale -475
Rotworms + Carrion wormsRot Worm Cave Liberty Bay -330
Werebadger + WerefoxWere cave Edron -250

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