Master guide for Paladins


Well, I want to clarify 2 things, rush with an RP to low lvl is possible only if you have people to help you and spending a LOT of money. This is because lvl under an RP does not have the ability to gain a lot of experience by gathering monsters, as a magician does. But if we are tanked, it will be much easier for us to kill a large number of pull monsters!

First step (lvl 8-15)

We have several options. You can really go up anywhere at this level but I wanted to make some honorable mentions of a few respawns that I think are very worthwhile if you want something more enjoyable:

Undead skeleton/gladiator [NECESITAS TANQUE] (Darashia)(8)(10EXP/0Loot): It’s
amazing how much experience you’ll get by killing only 1 gladiator, it’s going to take forever, but it’s going to take you several lvls at once. Simply use a boost and try to get an exp prey (or damage) on them and enjoy it. Usually the tank (depending on the lvl, of course) will not waste if you loot the monster, they are monsters that give a lot of loot and if you are lucky they give you Skull Helmets, valued at 40k. The strategy is to go from 1 to 1. We’ll stay there till 30.

Grim Reapers [NECESITAS TANQUE] (Darashia/Yalahar)(8)(8EXP/0Loot):
Mythical place for power lvl, just like with the Undead, the tank will go from 1 in 1 (depending on the level you can even catch more).

Swamp Trolls (Venore/Port Hope)(8)(5EXP/8Loot):
Depending on whether or not you have premium account. It’s one of the best places to start especially if you don’t have a lot of money as they drop the Medicine Pouch worth about 2-3k depending on the world. Besides letting go of spears and food so you’re going to be able to stay there for a long time.

Doing Grizzly Adams’ task:
This is a very good way to level up as well as progress in the quest and get some more money if we’re lucky. I recommend doing the task of Carniphilas, Tarantulas and Apes.


Tarantulas(Port Hope)(8*)(8EXP/3Loot):
Super good respawn especially if we have a good distance as we will kill them in one blow. You need to wear a stealth ring just in case.

Second step (lvl 20-40)

Meriana Gargoyle cave (Meriana)(20)(10EXP/5Loot):
It’s only viable if we go with another magician. Super good cave, has 4 floors which makes us can share it with more people and also go doing the task of gargoyles, tarantulas, thornback tortoises and stone golem.


Bonelord cave (Liberty bay)(30)(8EXP/8Loot):
Amazing cave which will give us a solid exp, very good profit if we have some luck and not well known (for now). [Video]

Mutated humans (Yalahar)(30)(7EXP/8Loot*):
It’s not the best of the best because they throw a lot of gps and that lvl we won’t have much cap, but if you don’t mind going to the dp from time to time to leave loot, this is a very good respawn.

Nightmare Krailos (Krailos)(30)(100EXP/2Loot):
This cave is great to climb lvl, if the ek has the Krailos quest done you can go to refile without having to go far. It is quite large and has a lot of monsters, which will make us climb lvl very fast. In addition, nightmares are weak to the physicist and gladiators to the san, so once you reach level 40 (exori san) and level 50 (exevo plus san) you can start doing a lot of damage. It is also worth noting that we will interleave an avalanche after each arrow to maximize area damage.

Stonerefiners (Venore)(20-)(8EXP/10Loot):
Good place, dangerous for PK’s and if you have morals you will leave this site for free accounts. Wear stealth ring.

Third step (lvl 40-60)

Edron Vampire crypt (Edron)(40)(7EXP/6Loot):
A cave pass, you make very good profit if you carry the blessed wooden stake and obsidian knife. And hopefully you can loot some Necromancer boots of haste. The only downside is that it’s a long way from refilling.

Dragon Lair (Darashia, Yalahar Crystal Lake)(40*)(6EXP/3Loot):
Dragons aren’t so good at climbing lvl but they’re an option to consider, with good skills they’re monsters that will give us a solid experience. That said, there’s a lot of pk.

Roaring Lions (Darashia)(60)(7EXP/5Loot):
Respawn incredibly good but it’s pretty hard to low lvl. If you get used to respawn you’ll make a decent profit and drop food. And you have a chance to get a mount every 20h!

Fourth step (lvl 60-90)

Edron Vampire Bride crypt (Edron)(60)(8EXP/8Loot)
: Similar to the previous cave, this respawn will give us much more profit than normal vampires and give us a solid experience.

Dragon Lords (Darashia, Fenrock, poi?) (70) (8EXP/2Loot):
They are not bad option to climb lvl, yes, let’s waste 100%

Ancient Scarabs (Darashia)(60)(6EXP*/4Loot):
Even if they have high physical defense, the fact that they have task makes them quite profitable bugs, especially if we go with a magician who throws gfbs. [Video]

Bonebeast Island (Ramoa)(60)(7EXP/3Loot):
Super good respawn and not so well appreciated. Lots of bestiary, lots of monsters and task points thanks to the bonebeasts. The catch is that it’s far from refill.

Muggy Plains (Zao)(70)(6EXP/4Loot):
100% your home if you don’t mind hitting an important kick to make refill. It’s a very good place to do exp and profit

Yielothax (Zao)(70)(7EXP/6Loot)
: A site little considered by paladins, is very good place to make exp and profit can become very good, especially if we touch the elemental spikes. The bad news is that it’s a place where we can’t make plans as it can be closed at any time.

Fifth step (lvl 90-150)

Oramond Minos (Oramond)(95)(8EXP/6Loot):
Carefully because very ugly combos can come out, this is definitely one of the best respawns to climb from lvl while making profit. Just unbelievable.

Muggy Plains (Zao)(90)(7EXP/5Loot):
While you may not have liked this area very much before crystalline arrows now you’re going to love it.

Chosens (Zao)(90)(3EXP/4Loot*)[Video]:
I don’t highly recommend it but I wanted to put it here as an option to consider if you want to do bestiary.

Lava lurkers(Kazordoon)(100)(9EXP/0Loot):
This respawn is the best to climb super fast, the bad part is that they literally do not give loot and are somewhat resistant to the physique. If you have any ED or MS friends (ed preferably by their ICE EU) you can duo and get a super solid experience. But it’s just a very good exp, it just intersperses more sanity and avalanche between your self-attacks.

Werefox Cave (Edron)(100)(8EXP/5Loot):
It’s a good place but it requires knowledge to put pulls together well and make good exp.

Grimvale (Edron)(90)(6EXP/3Loot):
It’s a harder alternative than Werefox cave, but more lucrative, the problem is refill.

Fourth step (lvl 150+)

Oramond west(160)(10EXP/1Loot):
Welcome to your home, the wonderful city of Rathleton will be your home forever, if it is true that we will visit Roshamuul and Darashia from time to time, but you will definitely spend a lot, long, long time here. [Video]

Grim Reaper (Drefia and Yalahar)(150)(7EXP/2Loot):
A place with very good exp if you know how to do respawn, profit depends on whether you’re lucky, but it’s usually waste.

Lizard Chosen (Farmine)(150)(7EXP/3Loot):
Much better than before, the exp is decent and the profit depends a lot on whether or not you have luck with drops (usually Zaoan Helmet). [Video]

Hero Fortress (Edron)(150)(7EXP/1Loot):
Good exp if you have skills, bad profit/waste.

Sea Serpents (Svargrond????) (150) (7? EXP/4Loot):
Good choice because you can do task at the same time that good exp and good profit (it’s not like ek we have to tank them) so we’ll do less waste than an ek. They’re weak to the physicist so in chars with bad skills it’s a good choice.

Goroma Medusas and Serpent Spawns (Goroma)(170)(8EXP/6Loot):
Good option to advance on Grizzly Adams, plus solid and relatively safe loot using bombs/walls. Wear garlic necklace.

Asura’s Palace (Tiquanda)(???):
Full death/fire protection and do not shine very beast. EXTREMELY DANGEROUS

Ab’dendriel Barkless (Ab’dendriel)(170)(9EXP/1Loot):
Bad profit super good exp once you get used to the mechanics of respawn, you can not let them attack you with the green exori because it lowers distance. Wear ground protection, ????

Step Five (lvl 200+)

Asura’s Palace (Tiquanda)(220)(9EXP/8Loot):
Super good exp, a little hard to find free but if you have a chance it’s the best, the profit is good too

Oramond West (Oramond)(200)(10EXP/4Loot):
Better than before and you’re starting to make a profit in addition to unlocking a lot of bestiary, one of the best experiences on time. [Video]

Fury Dungeon (Thais Museum)(210)(5EXP/6Loot):
A little dangerous but good choice and relatively little known, the good part is that there is refill nearby.

Glooth Tower (Oramond West)(220)(9EXP/4Loot):
Difficult but once you get used to it and wall hunting is a very solid experience and the profit will only increase as you climb lvl.

Sixth step (250+):

Walls (Farmine)(270)(3EXP/3Loot):
You can start hunting walls but it’s a little harder to hunt or wall or unsused. Profit depends a lot on how lucky you are. The experience is decent.

Asura’s Palace (Tiquanda)(250)(7EXP/8Loot):
Super good place, much easier than before and the experience and profit will be top tier.

Oramond Tower (Oramond)(250)(6EXP/7Loot)):
One of the best respawns and close to refill for this level. The profit is very good and the experience is even better. There are also quite a few charm points and if we decide to buy dodge, by putting it in the glooth golem we will notice an abysmal difference.

Asura’s Mirror (Tiquanda)(250)(8EXP/8Loot):
You can start going here but you have to be extremely careful since it is very easy to over-polish. Top tier exp top tier profit.

Fury (Oramond)(250)(5EXP/6Loot):
Decent place, the bad part is that you have to do a quest that requires 4 people and is a bit tedious, otherwise it is a very good place to take out the charm of fury, profit assured and good experience.

Seventh step (300+):

Oramond Tower (Oramond)(300)(8EXP/7Loot)):
One of the respawns top tier.

Oramond Fury (Oramond)(300)(6EXP/6Loot):
Much better than before and now we should have the charm so it will be easier.

Asura’s Mirror (Tiquanda)(350)(10EXP/10Loot):
Super good site, more safe than before but be careful with true asuri’s and large lures.

Abandoned Sewer (Oramond)(300)(5EXP/4Loot):
Good way to advance in demon task while with grim reapers we will get good experience. The loot depends on rng from the Demons.

Medusa Tower (Tiquanda)(300)(6EXP/5Loot):
Good place to make charms and the experience is not entirely bad, the profit will depend on the jellyfish (CARRY OBSIDIAN KNIFE) for extra profit from Behemoths

Raids (Oramond)(300)(9EXP/5Loot):
Bad part is that it is one every hour and it is not assured that it is the good but the west is top tier experience plus good amount of charms.

Barkless (Ab’dendriel)(300)(7+EXP/1Loot):
Killing large groups and killing fanatics too, doing a full lap and without eating much green exori the experience is very good but the waste is insane.

Glooth Bandit (Oramond)(300)(6EXP/7Loot):
Good profit and decent experience, good place if you want to take out the charms and some money, the catch is that the quest is 6h.

Maxxen Dungeon (Oramond)(350)(8EXP/7Loot):
VERY good profit and very good exp, the bad part is the way out, and the supplies are far away. You need fairly long access quest because you require 500 Oramond points.

Eighth step (350+):

Catacombs (Oramond)(380)(8EXP/4Loot):
Carefully, even wall, or kiteando starts to be a respawn in which you can stay a lot of lvls. [Video]

Asura’s Mirror (Tiquanda)(400)(10+EXP/10+Loot):
It’s the best respawn at this level, no matter how much you spend lureando because if you play properly and respect the attack and healing shifts you should be able to survive well. Top exp top profit.

Maxxen Dungeon (Oramond)(350)(6EXP/8Loot):
VERY good profit and good exp.

Lower Roshamuul (Roshamuul)(350)(6EXP/6-8Loot):
Carefully you can start making a decent and profit experience considerably good.

Raids (Oramond)(350)(10EXP/5Loot):
Bad part is that it is one every hour and it is not assured that it is the good but the west is top tier experience plus good amount of charms.

Ninth step (400+):

Catacombs (Oramond)(450)(9EXP/6Loot):
Much better than before, high danger of death but once you get used to the respawn is the best, the profit starts to rise and the exp is already very good. [Video]

Asura’s Mirror (Tiquanda)(450)(10+EXP/10+Loot):
Better respawn from the game from afar, amazing experience and loot, almost impossible to die unless there is some true asuri and we say good-bye.

Dream Courts (Feyrist)(400)(8EXP/4Loot):
We are already beginning to be able to come here, without tanking and with spirit potion, the experience is decent and the profit is mediocre.

Warzone 5 and (Kazordoon)(4EXP/5Loot):
Respawn VIABLE, if there is no other option is another alternative, besides bestiary that you will surely not have and MUCH PROFIT, you need 10 suspicius device to enter and lets you be inside for 8 hours, right there you can loot the suspicius device.

Lower Roshamuul (Roshamuul)(400)(7EXP/7+Loot):
Much better than before, the experience is much better and so is profit.

Tenth step (450+):

Catacombs (Oramond)(480)(10EXP/7Loot):
It’s going to get better and better. [Video]

Asura’s Mirror (Tiquanda)(480)(10++EXP/10++Loot):
It will be better and better (top tier).

Roshamuul West (Roshamuul)(450)(8EXP/6Loot):
Carefully we can start hunting in roshamuul west full box. [Video]

Dream Courts (Feyrist)(450)(7EXP/7Loot):
We can start to tank (more exp) or kite with strong manas (more profit).

Last step (500+):

Roshamuul West (Roshamuul)(500)(8EXP/7Loot):
It’s getting better and better. [[Video]

Roshamuul Bones (Roshamuul)(550)(7EXP/6Loot):
With defense prey or not very ham you can start

Asura’s Mirror (Tiquanda)(10+++EXP/Loot10+++):
TOP respawn, less and less waste, assess whether to switch to strong manas, TOP EXP TOP PROFIT

Gold Tokens (Other World)(550)(8EXP/7Loot):
Very good place the more you go up, good profit and good exp.

Ferumbra’s Corridor (Ferumbras)(580)(6EXP/7+Loot?):
Probably about 600 is already worth it.

Ferumbra’s Hands (Ferumbras)(650)(8EXP/8Loot):
Probably close to 650+ is good profit and exp.

DP roshamuul/Nightmare Isles (Roshamuul)(580)(7EXP/7Loot):
About 600 good profit exp decent.

Falcon Bastion (Farmine)(550)(7+EXP?/7+Loot?):
550o good profit and good exp.


Amazon Camp(8):
Good place to profit thanks to the Protective Charms. Dangerous by the amount of PK’s if your world is pvp.


Dark Cathedral(30):
Good place for free accounts to take out Rope Belts, a little dangerous for PK’s

Orc Fortress(30):
Good place for Broken Shamanic Staff. Dangerous for being free zone s PK’s. Watch out for the upper-class Orcs if you’re low lvl.

Yalahar and Goroma are very good at killing cultists, Goroma has the advantage of being away so there will be fewer people than in Yalahar. Here we will get Rope Belts and music sheets that we can sell at a reasonable price.

Forest Monsters(50):
There’s one respawn north of Carlin, and another in a fountain in Cormaya. It is a useful and expensive imbuement item. Recommended.

Mutated Tigers(50):
Sabretooth in heaps, besides life rings and some weirdo, is not bad exp either. The problem with this resp is that we’re going to find a lot of people probably. There is one respawn in Yalahar Arena Quarter, another in Yalahar’s Alchemist Quarter and another in Farmine to the north, in a cave towards the boss of Forgotten Knowledge’s red portal.

Meriana Tortoises(30):
Bloody Pincers of the Blood Crabs and also Turtle Shells of the turtles, very good but if you have low skills it will be better to look for another option.

Silencer Claws(120):
They can be achieved by hunting in the rosha DP in TH/duo, on the right or hunting one at a time north of the roshamuul DP, with Energy Walls.

In Yalahar or Liberty bay (in Bonelords Cave) you can hunt these bugs and get Piece of Dead Brain. Super good item to farm the problem is that there is little respawn from Deathbrain then you are probably busy.

Gloom Wolf(70?):
It’s a good place the problem is that it’s not constant because it goes with a Mini-World Change, that is, if you do some action it can cause the respawn to change until you do another action. But it is a very good imbuement especially on PVP servers as it is used to imbue Death.

Putrid Mummy(70):
It is a good place and very spacious, it is an imbuement that is used a lot and is spent easy (cap) so the price does not usually vary much. We’ll get Little Bowl of Myrrh.

Feyrist Frazzlemaws(90unitarget)(150lure)(220tank)
: It is a place that I personally love, the respawn is fast, there is quite respawn and they die easily. You can start hunting them 1 in 1 or when you’re 150, you can start going with Diamond Arrows, don’t get lureando. They look easy, but they hurt. Here we will take out the loot of roshamuul to a lesser extent and we will also remove Silencer Claws. You also have the Kroazur mini-boss that you can kill every 2h and you can give us a silver token and a gold token as well as loot of roshamuul like Nightmare Blade.

Mino Cults(90unitarget)(230lure)(310tank):
Super good place the drawbacks are that it is far away, it is normally busy and you require the Postman Quest. They’re bugs that do a lot of damage so you have to be careful. You can come from 1 in 1, I do not recommend it but I put it in case you want to try them. Remember that the levels I suggest are pulling up, so you don’t die because of me if you want to try it sooner, go ahead.

Ghastly Dragons(100unitarget)(??? lure):
Pretty popular site for the fact that you can do task and loot can become good. I’m saying it can be good because it’s an unstable loot, you still make a 300k hunt like an 80-year-old. Watch videos on youtube of how to hunt here because you have to put the energy walls in a specific way.

Ferumbras Entrance (300):
I recommend lvl so much because the Vexclaws are dangerous and with today’s respawn it’s pretty easy to get lysed. Besides, high lvls will pass through quite often so you can shine easy. The profit here is semi constant, you always guarantee a little profit by Vexclaw talons and Grimleech Wings that are for imbuements but as for rares you do 300k like 30k.

Undead Elite (180?):
I don’t know if you can go before so I’m going to recommend 180, I think I’ve seen people at 120, but be careful they’re monsters that can make you a 100 to 0 very easy. They give extremely good loot if you’re lucky, but if you don’t have it anyway it’s a stable profit.

Carnivorous (250primer floor)(280 second)(350 third?):
The first floor is the best for RP in my opinion because everyone has physical endurance. The first floor has 80%, the second 60% and the third 50%. So the first one is possible to go quite easy but the second and third will require more lvls and use Emberwing together with GFBs. They also reflect physical damage to those on the second floor (?) and those of the third floor.




After going up to 2 RP to lvl 300 I think the best route is this:

1st Freeze, 2ndDodge, 3rd Wound, 4th Zap, 5th Parry

I think this combination is the best because at first you want a charm that works well on almost any respawn, freeze is a charm that does good damage to almost every monster we’ll kill at first.

-Dodge will give us an extra protection once we get to Oramond, monsters like Glooth Golem, Devourer or Drakens hit very hard and it will do us good. Besides that in my opinion scales pretty well in late.

-Wound will give us extra damage in catacombs and ferumbras (hellflayer)

-Zap will be the Juggernaut Killer (Jugger Seal)

-Parry is a charm that grabs value as we climb lvl especially when we start hunting in Roshamuul west.



Sets are organized from PEOR to BEST, if there are multiple items on the same line it is that they are options.


-Dark Helmet/Steel Helmet/Wood Cape [Dark Helmet/Steel if you don’t have money, Wood Cape if you have money]

-Zaoan Helmet [Helmet bastante bueno gracias a su protección física]

-Demon Helmet/Dwarven Helmet [These helmets are better than the Zaoan Helmet because they have one more imbuement slot, this means we can put mana leech + distance] [To know whether or not you want to buy the dwarven helmet, watch this Video from Itexo. [Video]

-Elite Draken Helmet [Es el mejor helmet antes del 180 para matar bosses (tiene +1 de dist y puedes imbuirlo con Distancia por lo que tendrías +4]

-Dark Whispers [You can install it with ML but I do NOT advise it, you can only put ml +1 and it is not worth it, it is the helmet that gives the most distance next to the Falcon Coif, if we put distance we will have a total of +6 distance]

-Falcon Coif [No need to explain how op this helmet is. You can put ML tier 2 if you’re going to hunt catas/rosha alone, you can see a lot of those extra 2 ml]


-Belted Cape [Standard, if you have money jump directly to the Paladin Armor]

-Paladin Armor [:)]

-Dwarven Armor [This is rare, it is an armor that provides physical protection in addition to elemental protection. I’ve only seen me do this, so it’s up to you whether to buy it or not. I used it when I started going to Asuras, I put Death protection and life leech and catacombs.]

-Master Archer’s Armor [Buena armadura para lvl medios]

-Prismatic Armor [Armadura de end game hasta que tengas dinero para comprarte la gnome armor]

-Depth Lorica (usually life leech and fire protection) (vexclaw, asuras, nightmare isles…)

-“x” Tabard [I only recommend the fire tabard, the reason is because it is the armor that gives the most distance (+4) and because we can use it in Ferumbras stamps when we start going, besides in bosses].

-Gnome Armor [No hace falta explicar que este armor está op]

-Elite Draken Mail (PvP) [2 imbuement slots, usually lifeleech or protections + passive speed]

-Elven Mail (PvP) [3 imbuement slots usually elemental protections (fire, ice and vis).



-Plate Legs/Blue Legs/wereboar loincloth [Plate legs if poor, Blue legs if rich]

-Zaoan Legs [Good legs, I don’t recommend them at level 8 because they weigh a lot, I’d start carrying them from 50o]

-Prismatic Legs [End game legs hasta llegar a Falcon Greaves]

-Yalahari Legs [Good for pvp and for certain respawns such as asuras (unsealed) or some seal of ferumbras even (without obviously tanking)].

-Falcon Greaves [End game legs, very strong]

-Grasshoper Legs (PvP) [Velocidad]


-Crocodile Boots [It’s for swag more than anything, you’re not going with leather boots, are you?]

-Boots of Haste [Velocidad+rico]

-Draken Boots/Guardian Boots [Botas de protección física]

-Void Boots [Se pueden usar para pvp y para ciertos respawns como la raid de robots de Oramond u Otherworld]

-Soft Boots [Soft Boots in 2019 LUL., serve for early game(0-100) or to be afk in dp with weekly mana regeneration bonus, removing that are rubbish]


I play with WASD. So I can use practically all the keys on the keyboard so you’ll see a lot of hotkeys, for those who don’t play with WASD I don’t have any tips, I’m sorry.

These are the hotkeys that I use, you don’t have to use them since Tibia is a game of customs but you can probably sing something good about them:

For starters I mean that I have a “mouse gaming” is a first generation Razer Naga Hex, and has 6 buttons on one side in the shape of a circle and 2 buttons above the mouse.

Shift s.

Control -c.

F1-3: Healing.

F4-6: Attack

F7-F12: Support

These are the hotkeys assigned to the mouse buttons:

F1: Great Spirit Potion/Strong Mana potion*

sF1: Prismatic Ring

cF1: Exani Hur Up

F2: Ultimate Spirit Potion

sF2: Plasma Ring

cF2: Exani Hur Down

F3: Exura Gran San

sF3: Energy Ring

F4: Exori San/Exori Con

sF4: Exori Gran Con

F5: Exevo Mas San

sF5: Utori San

F6: Avalanche/GFB/Thunder/Stone

sF6: SD Rune

F9: (Top Button) Lifesaver Amulet**.

sF9: Utito Temple

F10: (Mouse Wheel) Main Potion (Strong Mana Potion/Great Spirit Potion).

The other button above doesn’t work for me xdXDXDXD

1: Utani hur

2: Multitool (shovel, rope, etc.)

c2: Equip arrows/bolts unitarget

3: Energy/Fire Wall Rune

s3: Energy/Fire/Poison Field Rune (the dot).

4: Magic Wall

s4: Destroy Field Rune

s5: Time Ring.


In order of importance RP imbuements are: Mana Leech, Critical Strike, Life Leech and Distance/ML.

Why is Critical Strike more important than Life Leech?)

This only applies if you’re 160- (i.e., you’re not going to tank). As soon as you’re going to tank the order is Mana Leech, Life Leech, Critical Strike and Distance/ML.

At low lvl you don’t need Life leech, you’re going to spend more than you’re going to earn.

If I have little money, what imbuements do I choose?

Follow the order of priority. Mana leech is almost essential, and critical strike helps you heal more mana (the more you put in the more cures).

Tier 2 or Tier 3? When’s Tier 3?

Rich Route: Tier 3 from 40 (onyx arrows) (mana and critical) and 160 change to mana life and critical.

Balanced route: Tier 2 from level 40 (onyx arrows) (critical mana) and 160 switch to mana life and critical T3.

Poor Route: Tier 2 from level 90 (crystalline arrows) (mana and critic).

When distance and when does ML?

The helmets that allow ml to be imbued on the day of the creation of this guide are:

-Falcon Coif layered to tier 2 (+2 ML).

-Dark Whisper also lets you love it with magic lvl but is layered to tier 1 (+1 ML) so I don’t recommend imbuing with ML.

You imbuy with Distance when you go hunting with team and when you don’t have Falcon Coif. You’ll notice more of the +4 distance than ML +2 as you don’t usually get as close to pull in zones as Ferumbras Seals.

You can imbue ML when you’re going hunting alone and only if you have Falcon Coif. Magic lvl extra 2 gives you survival. In spawns like Roshamuul or Catacombs it comes in great for extra protection and safety. Obviously imbuing +4 of distance in the Falcon Coif is a good idea too.

Extra Imbuements:

-Depends on what respawns and if you have money to spare you can imbue elemental protection. For example when you start going to Asuras you can go with a Depth Lorica and fire protection.


20% de descuento usando el cupon: Tibiapedia

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