Bewitched Complete Guide

Event: Bewitched Full guide

To avoid the wrath of evil spirits, all Tibians will have to help the good witches create a powerful spiritual drink. It gathers exotic ingredients and protects the cauldron of witches from the forces of destruction.

Level Premium difficulty zone
Green Claw Swamp (Venore)

Quest Rewards

xp boost
50% experience for 10 days.
Achivement Grade 1
8 Achievements (20 points)
Points that can be exchanged for potions and decoration items.

Monsters you'll face

Bane Bringer


Items Items

Bat Wing

Centidepe Leg

Goblin Ear


Lump of Dirt

Marsh Stalker Beak

Minotaur Horn

Scorpion Tail

Small Flask of Eyedrops

Spider Fangs

Sulphurous Stone

Tarantula Egg

There isn’t an exact amount of how many items you need, but the cauldron can randomly order any of these items, and it’s good or you have some of them.

Starting the event Bewitched

The goal of this event is to gather ingredients and help witches make a great mix to prevent the forces of evil from reaching our world. The following server-wide message appears when the event begins: "The witches of the green claw swamp need your help to protect the world from the bane-bringers."

Every 8 hours the following server-wide message “The swamp witches need new reagents for their brew!”will appear, warning that more ingredients are needed to carry out the mixture.

You will need to go to Green Claw Swamp,

in a hole that leads directly to the house of the NPC Wyda,

below we show you the way from the west exit of Venore.

Place ingredients in the cauldron

Explanation of all parts of the cauldron.
Ingredient that needs to be added in the current phase
Clock showing story time missing for next phase
Use the cauldron over the ingredients
Add wood to keep the fire on

The first item to order will always be: Lump of Dirt.

When the required number of ingredients has been delivered (200 in each phase), you will not be able to use any more ingredients and the following message will appear:
There are no more ingredients needed for now.
It is likely that the same ingredient will be needed several times in a row.


When a new phase begins, Bane Bringers and Bane Lords will appear on the floor below. These creatures will loot Dry piece of Wood, which you can use in the cauldron campfire.

The woods do not do any additional work or affect the event, it is not mandatory to use it, however you can get the following achievements.

Achivement Grade 1

Achievement: Fire Lighter

Achivement Grade 1

Achievement: Fire Devil

Achivement Grade 1

Achievement: Pyromaniac

Also if you kill 4 Bane Bringer you can get 50 charms points

Bane Bringer

Event achieved or Failed

On June 25, after Server Save, one of the two messages will appear, depending on the work of the server during the event.

  • If the players managed to gather all the ingredients until the end of time, the following message will appear: “Rejoice, the bane bringers are repelled for a year! Enjoy increased Exp and reduced death penalty until July 05th.”, the winning server will have a reward experience increased to 50% until July 5.
  • If players failed to gather all the required ingredients, the following message will appear: “The curse of bane-bringer has come over Tibia. Prepare for dire times!”, indicating that the server failed the event.

Points for items

When you deliver items in the cauldron, you’ll earn bonus points with the NPC Minzy, which you can use to exchange for potions and other items. To get help from it you must start a dialogue by saying Job – Ingredients – Favour – trade.

Below we show you the points in favor for each item delivered.

Delivering a wood1Goblin Ear5
Lump of Dirt5Spider Fangs5
Bat Wings10Centidepe Legs10
Mars Stalker Beak10Scorpion Tail10
Lancet15Minotaur Horn15
Small Flask of Eyedrop15Sulphurous Stone15
Tarantula Egg15

Items that you can redeem, according to the points obtained:

Mana Potion 5
Strong Mana Potion 8
Great Mana Potion 12
Ultimate Mana Potion 37
Health Potion 5
Strong Health Potion 10
Great Health Potion 19
Ultimate Health Potion 31
Supreme Health Potion 51
Great Spirit Potion 19
Ultimate Spirit Potion 35
Black Raven Kit 1000
Grey Raven Kit 1000
White Raven Kit 1000

NOTE:The Raven Kit can only be obtained once a year.


Achivement Grade 1

Achievement: I did my part

Achivement Grade 1

Achievement: Witches lil Helper

Achivement Grade 1
Achivement Grade 1

Achievement: Fire Lighter

Achivement Grade 1

Achievement: Fire devil

Achivement Grade 1

Achievement: Pyromaniac

Achivement Grade 1

Achievement: Bewitcher

Achivement Grade 1

Achievement: Honorary Witch


Points in total.

Credits Bewitched

All credits correspond to:

Bewitched event, complete guide..

EK 650+ Wintera. 🙂


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