Kilmaresh Quest: Wanted

Kilmaresh Quest: Wanted Full guide

The leader of the group Shapphire Blade will ask us for help to find and defeat some criminals, among them there is an innocent and we must perform an ancient ritual to find the innocent person and bring the other culprits to justice.




Quest Rewards

Male Issavi Citizen
Female Issavi Citizen

Achivement: Citizen of Issavi

Monsters you'll face

Crypt Warden
Girtablilu Warrior
Venerable Girtablilu


xp boost
Level 250+
Ivory Mask
Access to the Catacombs of Issavi (Gates)

Starting La Quest:

We will first go to talk to Eshaya

saying: hi - wanted - yes.

He will tell us that among the suspects there is an innocent and a member of the Midniht Flame can help us to discover who he is in order to do justice to the real culprits.

We will have to talk to Killamae

, we will say: hi – wanted – yes

He will ask us to do an ancient ritual to find the innocent person and we will need to look for:
one Golden Hand Mirror to be able to do the ritual.

Fast-track road:

Already with the mirror in our possession we will have to “darken it” the way to do it is using a cauldron with fire that is in the city of Issavi no matter what it is we will only have to use the mirror in the fire.

Now we will have to perform the ritual northwest of Issavi in the Statue of the God Suon.

With the Ivory Mask on we will simply use a multipurpose tool in the darkened mirror.

Fast-track road:

With this ritual we discover who the innocent person is and we must go to report with Eshaya immediately, we will say: Wanted

Now is the time to do justice and we must kill the 3 guilty.

Neferi The Spy

This is located just south of Issavi’s ship

Note: You can summon Skeleton Elite Warrior.

Sister Hetai

Inside the gates of Issavi, fast path:

Amenef The Burning

On the scorpions where we went through the Golden Hand Mirror, fast path:

Once defeated the 3 bosses we will return with Eshaya

and say: wanted

We will update the questlog and we will get our reward: Citizen Of Issavi Outfit with its 2 addons and the achievement “Citizen of Issavi”.

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Kilmaresh Quest Mission Wanted Complete Guide.

EK 650+ Wintera. 🙂


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