Realm of Dreams Quest

Currently, Chayenne’s Magical Key can only be obtained by trading between players, as this item was a very rare loot item in Chayenne’s Anniversary Remains during Tibia’s 15th anniversary. In August 2012, CipSoft held Chayenne’s Farewell Contest.

Chayenne’s Magical Key only exists on the Yellow BattlEye servers, since the dates on which this anniversary and the contest were held do not coincide with the creation of the Green BattlEye servers and therefore does not exist on Green BattlEye servers.

What is Chayenne’s Magical Key used for?

This key can be used to perform the Realm of Dream Quest and thus obtain music box.

What are music boxes for?

The music box is used to tame mounts on the first try so that the item does not break. Some of the mounts you can tame using the music box are:

Midnight Panther


Magma Crawler


Kingly Deer

Widow Queen



Location:Northern Ankrahmun Dragon Lair.

Dangers: Dragons, Dragon Lords, Fire Elementals.

Rewards: Beach Backpack with: Music Box, Blue Rose, Dracoyle Statue, Black Pearl, Red Dragon Scale, Stuffed Dragon, Piggy Bank and Surprise Bag (Blue).

Requirements: Chayenne’s Magical Key (Does not break on entry), Destroy Field Rune (At least 2), have opened the Draconia Treasure Chest to obtain the Key to Magic Book, Parcels or Levitate spells, Key 3012 and be level 40+

The first step to start this quest is to head to Draconia and get the Key to Magic (Book). When you arrive on Draconia, head to the right of the castle, use Parcels or Levitate (Exani hur “Up”) to climb up, reach the chest, and grab the Key to Magic.

After you have everything you need, you should go to Dragon Liar, located here:

You can get there via Ankrahmun or Darashia.

The first thing you’ll need to do is go up to the top floor of Dragon Lair (Killing Absolutely Nothing) and confirm that on top of the gray SQM there should be a Fire Field, as shown below:

If you don’t have the Fire Field you should wait for a Floor Reset or the next Server Save, because if the Fire Field is not there, the dynamics of the Quest will not work. But if there is a Fire Field, you must kill all the Dragon, Dragon, Dragon Lord, Fire Elemental that are there. If the respawn isn’t complete, it won’t work, so you have to wait a considerable amount of time. Below is a list of the number of monsters you need to kill on each floor:

Note: Kill the Fire Elementals at the end.

Floor +0 Dragon x2, Dragon Lord x2
Floor +1 Dragon x8
Floor +2 Dragon x4, Dragon Lord x4
Floor +3 Dragon Lord x2
Floor +4 Elemental Fire x7
Total: Dragon x14, Dragon Lord x8 and Elemental Fire x7

Now use a Destroy Field Rune on the Fire Field above the gray MCS.

To finish the dynamic you will have to stand on top of the gray SQM where the Fire Field was located, and a lever will appear, you will have to use it so that the Wall that gives access to the Quest portal is removed.

Note: To access the portal you must have Chayenne’s Magical Key in your Backpack, otherwise it will not let you access.

When you enter you must walk the ONLY path that exists in the Quest.

When you get to the island you must walk northwest and you will find a house with a level 40+ door, once you have entered, go up the stairs and you will find the corpse of a Dragon, you must give it”Click” or CTRL+Control and click on “Open in new window” and in this way you will get a Beach Backpack with all your rewards, including a Music Box.

To exit, walk to the left of the house and you will find a portal, accessing it teleports you to the entrance of Dragon Lair.

  • The Magic Wall will respawn after 5 minutes of using the lever, however, the pile of stones will not appear unless there is a Floor Reset. If the Magic Wall is closed and there aren’t any piles of rocks on top of the lever, use it to open the way.
  • In some cases, which are however not fully understood, the Floor Reset may not be enough to unlock the lever. Some players have noticed that completely cleaning all of Dragon Lair after Floor Reset didn’t work and the lever was still locked, even after many attempts during the same day, so if you want to be on the safe side, it’s better to wait for the Server Save instead of the Floor Reset.

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Realm of Dreams Quest

Currently, Chayenne’s Magical Key can only be obtained by trading between players, as this item was a very rare loot item in Chayenne’s Anniversary Remains

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