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Demon’s Lullaby 2021

You have bested Ferumbras, fought your way through the depths of Zarganash. Your body is covered with countless battle scars and there are rumours that

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Spring into Life

nce again it is that time of the year when dragon mothers hatch their eggs to send out their dangerous breed to set the Tibian

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New Mounts – 14/03/2021

New mounts have been added to the store today! If you’re looking for a faithful and attentive companion, look no further! Swipe through all kingdoms

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Area balance 05/03/2021

Since its launch, Soul War’s hunting areas have been adjusted several times to curb their huge profitability, both in terms of profit and experience. Still,

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Orcsoberfest 05/03/2021

You want to party like there’s no tomorrow? Ready for some fun activities? Then you’re in luck, the Orcsoberfest is just around the corner! It’s

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Podium of Renown

Do you possess more mounts than you could ever ride into battle? Do you own so many outfits that it is hard for you to

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