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New Decoration Volcanic Furniture

Are you on the lookout for some fiery decoration for your home? Something that will turn up the heat for your guests? With the new Volcanic Furniture and other furnishings which just arrived

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Rapid Respawn Weekend 03/04/2021

Sharpen your swords and prepare your spells, because hordes of monsters are coming! Another weekend of quick reappearance will be upon us once again! Don’t forget to donate enough gold

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New Mounts – 14/03/2021

New mounts have been added to the store today! If you’re looking for a faithful and attentive companion, look no further! Swipe through all kingdoms and gaze at the darkest

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Area balance 05/03/2021

Since its launch, Soul War’s hunting areas have been adjusted several times to curb their huge profitability, both in terms of profit and experience. Still, even after these changes, they

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Orcsoberfest 05/03/2021

You want to party like there’s no tomorrow? Ready for some fun activities? Then you’re in luck, the Orcsoberfest is just around the corner! It’s time for organizers to fill

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Podium of Renown

Do you possess more mounts than you could ever ride into battle? Do you own so many outfits that it is hard for you to choose which one to wear?

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The Tibian Experience in 2020

he last year has been an extraordinary year in many respects. 2020 was full of new challenges, with the pandemic accompanying us throughout the months. While contact in the real

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New Decoration

New decorations 11/12/2020

Are you looking to spruce up your home with some new furniture and accessories? Something that provides a certain special flair to your lodgings? Then you might want to take

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Bugfixes and Changes 1 Diciembre 2020

Bugfixes and Changes – 1 Diciembre 2020

The following things have been changed and fixed: We fixed two issues with Chivalrous Challenge: First, it no longer challenges melee fighters; instead, it now only challenges distance fighters and turns

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