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Tall Tales

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 28 Visitas It was already dark when Redwin entered The Jolly Seahorse. Lyonel worked the bar as always and Bradford’s singing unsuccessfully tried to drown out the

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 72 Visitas You want to party like there’s no tomorrow? Ready for some fun activities? So you’re in luck, the Orcsoberfest is just around the corner!

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Rapid respawn weekend

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 88 Visitas Sharpen your swords and prepare your spells, because hordes of monsters are coming! Another weekend of rapid resp will soon be upon us once

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Your Favourite Creature Sprite

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 124 Visitas Thank you to all 699 players who have participated in the recent feedback form: Your favourite creature sprite? Between September 4 and September 18,

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Bug fixes and changes

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 136 Visitas Solutions for various problems have been implemented today. Among other things, the following have been modified: Auction history now shows the most recently completed

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Hunting Task Changes

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 148 Visitas Are you an avid hunter, diligently collecting Hunting Task Points to get your hands on some nice rewards? Or would you perhaps like to

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