The Exterminator Quest

The Exterminator Quest

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Since the beginning of time, Carlin has had serious problems with his sewers. A strange pollution dominates the place and this causes many Bugs, Spiders and Rotworms to have their home in the dark passageways. There is a place, a supposed source of this pollution, and your task is to disinfect it.

The Exterminator Quest is a fairly simple Quest that can be performed by almost any low level player. It’s almost ideal for the player who’s just arrived in Mainland, as it’s easy and you can sell the Quest reward to get your life off to a good start on Mainland.

We’ll go with NPCC Padreia south left of carlin
The Exterminator Quest

We’ll talk to him and tell him the following to give you the special flask:

Player: hi

Padreia: Welcome to our humble guild, wanderer. May I be of any assistance to you?

Player: mission

Padreia: Oh Im Erick, thank god you came to me. Last night, I had a vision about an upcoming plague here in Carlin. …

Padreia: It will originate from slimes that will swarm out of the sewers and infect every citizen with a deadly disease. Are you willing to help me save Carlin?

Player: yes

Padreia: I knew I could count on you. Take this highly intensified vermin poison. In my vision, I saw some kind of ‘pool’ where these slimes came from. …

Padreia: Pour the poison in the water to stop the demise of Carlin. Tell me about your mission after you fulfilled your task.

The Exterminator Quest

Now we’ll head with the slimes below carlin you have to get down in the sewer

The Exterminator Quest

After lowering the sewer we will walk south left we have to kill the slime before they take out their Squidgy Slime you have to go down the stairs

The Exterminator Quest

Since we have gone down the stairs we will use the Special flask in the water that is on the left

The Exterminator Quest

Finally we return with npC Padreia and tell them hi-mission-bye

Player: Hi

Padreia: Welcome to our humble guild, wanderer. May I be of any assistance to you?

Player: mission
Padreia: You did it! Even if only few of the Carliners will ever know about that, you saved all of their lives. Here, take this as a reward. Farewell!

The Exterminator Quest

The Exterminator Quest Finished

You can now terminate The Exterminator Quest.

Credits: Jashi

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