Troll Sabotage Quest

Troll Sabotage Quest

Complete guide to finish Troll Sabotage Quest

Main Quest




Recommendation: Do the quest by day, as at night come Werefox, Werebadger, Wereboar.

Monsters to face



Elvenhair Rope


Jerom McRonald arrived on the island of Edron looking to establish a new store in which he would sell pets. However, it is now ruined! As soon as he arrived, an evil Troll destroyed his house by throwing a huge rock over it, tearing it to pieces. Worst of all, it’s not that, but he’s taken a family necklace from Jerom, which he esteems too much to lose. Can you help him?

The Sabotage Quest Troll is quite simple and rewards a useful item that can help any player who wants a little more ability to carry more gear. This Quest belongs to the Tibia Tales Quest series and will be displayed in your Quest Log as such.

We will depart from the castle of edron,
we have to go and look for npC Jerom, which is located northwest of edron: When we arrive with him, we will talk to him and ask him for a mission. He wants you to help him retrieve a necklace, since a troll stole it and wants to rebuild his house.

Troll Sabotage Quest

Player: Hi

Jerom: Hello. Sorry, but I’m not in the best mood today.

Player: mission

Jerom: I’m not sure but I suppose that an evil troll lives in the mountains here! I saw him rummaging in the ruins of my house. …

Jerom: I took a closer look and found my family casket ripped open. It contained a precious necklace. If I had it back, I could sell it and start over! …

Jerom: Could you look for this mean beast, find out why he did it and either get me some money or my necklace to rebuild my business?


Jerom: Great! Finally, some light at the end of the tunnel! Come back and ask me for the quest when you solved this mystery!

Troll Sabotage Quest

Now we will climb the mountain up the southern stairs:

We will walk from point A to point B we will go down the stairs (here you will find Bat’s)

We’ll walk from point A to point B, we’ll go into the water we have to take the helmet of the deep post to pass inside the waterfall

As we enter through the waterfall we will be inside it, we will swim to the swirl indicating the arrow

Now we’ll walk to the left and go up the stairs

We keep going up

We’ll walk from point A to point B

We’ll keep going up the mountain

We’ll keep going up

We keep going up

We keep going up

Here you have to be careful, when crossing the invisible bridge with the boots of haste, because if you return you will no longer be able to pass.

We’ll go up the stairs and talk to NPC Chief Grarkharok to get you the Jerom’s family necklace as follows:



Chief Grakharok:
Me Chief
Grarkharok! Don’t do nothing!


kill you

Chief Grakharok:
Hrhrhrhr! I don’t fear of human! Me Chief Grarkharok!!


Chief Grakharok: You help?? Human know troll lady for Grarkharok??



Chief Grakharok: What name of troll lady??



Chief Grakharok:
(Character Name) ?!? Sound good! Bring troll lady to Grarkharok!! Here, give troll lady! Take take! Bring lady to Grarkharok for make tribe!! Now GO!

And now we’re back with NPC Jerom to give him Jerom’s family necklace and trade it for the Elvenhair Rope

Troll Sabotage Quest Finished

You can now terminate Troll Sabotage Quest

Credits: Jashi

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