Area balance 05/03/2021

Since its launch, Soul War’s hunting areas have been adjusted several times to curb their huge profitability, both in terms of profit and experience. Still, even after these changes, they were very lucrative.

After the vocation adjustments last November, these hunting grounds have become even more profitable than before, both in terms of profit and XP. To solve this problem, we have decided to make these hunting grounds more challenging while modifying two spells, which in general have proven to be too strong in hunting.

Knight’s “Chivalrous Challeng” spell will now only chain up to 3 creatures, up from before 5. The Sorcerer’s spell “Expose Weakness” will increase the sensitivity of creatures hit now to a slightly lower degree.

On Soul War hunting grounds, all creatures can now walk through all fields. Ghosts on these hunting grounds, with the exception of dangerous ghosts in Ebb and Flow, receive a new chain spell, which has a range of 7 fields and deals more damage to targets later in the chain. The chance of the spell being triggered is higher in Furious Crater and Rotten Wastelands, while it is lower in Ebb and Flow, with the possibility of it being activated in Claustrofobic Inferno and Mirrored Nightmare in the middle.

These changes will be implemented next week, Tuesday, March 9. Of course, we will monitor the situation and observe the effects of the changes. Further adjustments can be made if we deem them necessary.

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