Orcsoberfest 05/03/2021

You want to party like there’s no tomorrow? Ready for some fun activities? Then you’re in luck, the Orcsoberfest is just around the corner!

It’s time for organizers to fill up on all the food and beer one can dream of, while diligent orcs work tirelessly to make sure no dish or jug is empty. Earn festive points by participating in numerous activities, participate in the lottery for a chance to win big prizes, or try to satisfy King Chuck’s voracious appetite in exchange for a reward.

Starting with server saving on March 12, a store will appear south of Thais. Inside there is a teleport that is open to any Premium player and takes you to Orcsoberfest Island. Talk to your friendly neighbor orger Xaver first after your arrival or take a direct part in activities if you’re an Orcsoberfest veteran.

The festival ends on March 19. During the post-event weekend (saved from the server on March 19 until server save on March 22), all in-game worlds will receive a 50% XP boost for creatures of the beastly “demon” class.

As they say on the island, it means ‘Happy holidays!’ in orc:

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