PVP guide, all to be a best PK.

PVP Guide

Tibia has many functions for PVP, and the really important thing is that these functions are activated or taken better advantage of in different situations, for that same we have prepared a PVP Guide so that you understand all the basic and advanced concepts to be an expert in PVP, remember to practice.


  • Skull System
  • Table System
  • Hand System
  • Speed and soils
  • Amounts of damage
  • Defensive Items
  • Penas d euerte
  • Several

The skull system is indisputably the easiest concept to understand in the Open-PvP worlds, but not everyone has an accurate understanding of it. That’s why we’ve included it in the first chapter as a complementation.

PZ block – a player will not be able to enter the protection zone while this symbol is active.

White Skull

  • One player will receive this skull if he attacks another or kills him unjustifiably
  • If the player attacks, does not kill their target and has no negative conditions (soulfire, curse, ) that skull will last only for 1 minute as long as it stays out of areas prone to getting a block by PvE (monsters) or being attacked by other players (PvP Combat)
  • If the player is soul-hearted (They used a ‘Soulfire’ rune on it) or is attacked by other players or creatures, the skull will remain active until conditions are resolved and is out of them for more than 1 minute.
  • If the player attacks and kills their target, the skull will last for 15 minutes.
  • White skulls always carry one: PZ BLOCK.

To lose the PZ BLOCK some conditions must be reached:

  • Player with pz block must not have any negative status active (Fire, Electricity, etc.)
  • That no creature is attacking the player.
  • That no other player is attacking the player.

If a player with a white skull tries to give x-log, the creatures will stop attacking him, but the player will not disconnect from the game while the pz block condition is active. Since the pz block acts as a block at the time of ingesting, which means that even if they have done x-log, they are still vulnerable to creature area attacks and other players’ PvP attacks. This will remain so as long as the player has the active pz block condition.

Red Skull

There are three ways to get a red skull:

  • 3 or more unjustified murders over the course of 24 hours (Although the daily murder limit is 2)
  • 5 or more unjustified murders over the course of 7 days (Although the frags limit per week is 4!)
  • 10+ unjustified murders in 30 days (Although the monthly frags limit is 9)

Important facts about Red Skull:

  • Having only 9 frags per month is the main reason why you have multiple makers, as these run out fast.
  • A player with a red skull follows the same rules as with a white skull with respect to the PZ block (which means they should not have pz block unless they initiate an attack like a white Skull or under certain yellow Skull conditions)
  • A player with a red skull will lose all their items and blessings despite having an AoL on or having the bless Twist of fate.
  • The red skull will last for 30 and having a skull network is both a blessing and a curse. The first thing is because you have more frags while you’re red skull before you reach the black skull besides that you can kill whoever pulls yellow out of you, but it’s a curse because every one you die you’ll have to replenish everything you had.
  • If you have a red skull and you get enough frags to renew it (reaching the frags limit explained above) your 30 days of red skull will be renewed, this means that they will start counting from scratch from the moment it is renewed.
  • When you check your unwarranted points in the game, if any of the 3 bars are red instead of yellow, you’ll get a red skull on your next unwarranted kill.

Black Skull

There are three ways to get a black skull:

  • 6 or more unjustified murders in less than 24 hours
  • 10 or more unjustified murders in less than 7 days
  • 20+ unwarranted murders in less than 30 days.

The black skull follows the same rules as the red skull, except that with this skull, you’ll take full PvP damage instead of half the damage as in regular PvP situations.

  • Avoid getting this skull!

Yellow Skull

  • If a player initiates an aggression against someone with , black skull, red skull or black skull, or that person receives a yellow skull
  • If you’re the one who’s assaulting, you’re going to get a yellow skull.
  • If you own one of the other skulls and someone assaults you, that person will be the one who receives a yellow skull.
  • When we talk about “Collecting Yellows”it’s this skull we mean. Since one person initiates an aggression against another who possesses a white, red or black skull, gives him the possibility to assassinate him without any penalty (meaning that his death will not count within the frags limit of the skull). Therefore, it is very common to find players who attack someone, get a white skull and wait for other players to attack them to kill them with “Yellow”
  • Someone with a yellow skull doesn’t always have PZ block (and we’ll explain this better in Chapter 3).

Orange Skull (also known as Revenge Skull)

  • If someone kills you unjustifiably, then that person will receive an orange skull that will appear above them on your screen for 7 days after frag. If they have an orange skull, it is possible for you to attack them without taking a white skull yourself but if you get a yellow skull and PZ Block.
  • When you kill someone who has an orange skull for you, you’ve gotten your revenge and an orange skull will no longer appear on this person on your screen
  • If the person forged you twice, then you will see another orange skull until you get a second time.
  • If you kill someone unjustifiably, then it will be you who gets an orange skull visible to both you and the person you forged, for the 7 days in a row at the time death occurred, however, the person you murdered is not going to be marked, so they can see your skull and try to get their revenge by taking yellow skull in you.

Fractions of an unjustified murder (For example: “You received 67% of an unjustified kill.”)

  • Unjustified kills will result in a maximum of 500% unjustified percentage (with the maximum a player can receive being 100%, of course)
  • This means that if 5 people kill someone unfairly, each will receive 100% of an unwarranted kill, but if 6 or more begin to enter unwarranted death, fractional percentages will be dealt based on the damage done to the enemy in the last 5 minutes

There are three different color boxes to consider on Open-PvP servers in Tibia.

The yellow box

  • A yellow box will appear around you every time you enter a PvP situation
  • Anyone else with a yellow box is in a PvP situation with you (i.e., they can hurt you)
  • Anyone with a yellow box who can hurt you and push you.

The brown box

  • A brown box appears every time someone is in a PvP situation, but it’s not with you, or with a member of your party or guild.
  • Usually, a brown box is what appears when you see other people fighting, that is, when a person takes skulls on someone.
  • When someone is in such PvP situations, surrounded by a brown box, you can’t push them, unless you join the aggression, which will cause their frame to change color to yellow or orange.
  • Attacking a skulld character surrounded by a brown box will give both yellow frames and a PZ block. Now you can push the character you yellowed. And since you’re in the same PvP situation, you can now block the path of the character that person took the skull on.
  • A common tactic is to keep characters out of the guild for this reason. If a partner initiates an attack, you can attack and yellow over it and then you can help block the target and prevent it from fleeing so your friend can stay close
  • If person A takes skull in person Person C and D both yellow in A. A can push BCD, B can push A, C can push AD, and D can push AC

The Orange Box

  • An orange box is similar to brown, except that it means the aggressor has unfairly attacked your guildmate or member of your group.
  • It’s always nice to see an orange box, because if you attack the person with an orange box you won’t take Pz Block
  • This is why big guilds tend to put all their makers in the guild because you can defend your team but still enter pz for safety
  • Small teams tend not to do this for the reasons explained in Chapter 3
  • Like a brown box, you can’t push this person or damage them until you attack them, giving both frames yellow.

The manual system is not complicated, but most people don’t take the time to learn it and learn how to use it properly. Average players will hover over their hand, read the small description, and choose what they think is right for what they want to do, regardless of the possible consequences. When used properly, hands are powerful tools, but when used inappropriately, you can easily kill yourself or, worse, give yourself a red/black skull.

Pacific Mode

  • The simplest hand, no PvP situation is generated from it.

White hand mode

  • White hand mode allows you to attack people in orange boxes (people who unfairly attack your guild or group)
  • In white hand mode, anyone with an orange box can’t get through it, and if they try, they’ll trigger an aggression on the player they tried to traverse
  • Other skulled characters with a brown box will still be able to pass through you and you won’t be able to attack them (even if you accidentally click on them through the battle)
  • No matter what happens a white hand will never give you a Pz Block
  • An interesting topic that will be discussed here for lack of a better place is the ability to cause harm to your own team and members of your guild. If you’re in the same pvp situation as a group member or guild member (meaning you’re attacking the same target), you can now hurt and even attack them. This is especially important to consider in EU combos.
  • One trick is to be in the guild that your team wants to attack, yellow on their team, and now it can damage their guild without any risk (very cunning)

Yellow Hand Mode

  • The simplest hand, no PvP situation is generated from it.
  • Being in this mode means you can initiate an aggression with whoever has a skull
  • In this mode anyone who has a skull will NOT be able to get through you, and if they try an aggression will be activated in him or them
  • If you start an aggression against someone with a skull, surrounded by a brown box, you’ll get pz Block.
  • The main difference between yellow and white mode is that with the white hand you can only defend the members of your guild or party, while the yellow hand is to face anyone with a skull (meaning you can click on any character with an active frame)
  • The best place to use the yellow hand is when you want to paste an EU in combo with your team, to a large group of people with skulls. When viewing the enemy team, your entire group can turn on yellow hand mode, make UE and turn it off. Keep in mind that this poses a risk because if PNs don’t die you’ll have yellow skull to a considerable group of people at the same time (All who were affected by your EU), who can attack you without getting a frag.

Red Hand Mode (better known as tank mode)

  • Red hand mode is a double-edged sword and is reserved for special occasions. Not for nothing has it been given the name “Expert Mode”
  • In this mode NO ONE can get through you and you’re going to activate an aggression and get a skull with everyone who tries
  • If they have a skull and an orange box, when trying to get through you you will have initiated an aggression against the person without getting a PZ Block
  • If you hit or walk through a person surrounded by a brown box or that person tries to get through you, you’re going to trigger an aggression against their character and get a Pz Block
  • If the person trying to get through you doesn’t have a skull or active aggression, aggressive action will automatically start, you’ll get a skull and therefore a Pz Block
  • This mode is essentially reserved for people who are experts in handling more magic walls, as NO one will be able to get through them
  • If someone throws a Magic wall with a red hand and you try to go through it so that the person gets a skull (resulting in you trying to get a death without frag), but someone else is blocking your path (maybe someone else you’re struggling with), then you can attack them with an aoe/wave spell. If you attack a red hand magic wall, count as if you were hitting it and an aggression is activated.
  • Any bomb/field you throw or invoke that you throw remains active in the hand that you threw/throws it. Accordingly:
  • If you dropped a bomb or summoned an elemental Fire in red hand mode, regardless of whether you turn off red hand mode, those bomb/Summons are still in red hand mode. Anyone can go through them or enter them and activate an aggression with you, which will give you a skull with that person and possibly a frag if they commit suicide (this is how people are tricked into getting Red skull/Black skull easily)
  • If you threw a bomb rune or invoked an elemental fire in yellow hand mode, regardless of whether you turned it off, those bombs and summons are still in yellow hand mode. Anyone with a skull can go through or crash them, and initiate an aggression with you.

This brings us to the beauty of safe mode (just leave all four hands in dove or white hand mode)

Safe Mode(On, not pvp)

Safe Mode (Off, pvp)

  • Safe Mode is the way you can attack a single target without risking other people taking advantage of it to initiate aggression
  • Safe Mode will automatically choose the best ‘hand’ for you
  • If you’re not skull, and you use safe mode and attack them, you’ll get a skull.
  • If the person is skulled and you attack safely, then it will count as a yellow hand and you will get PZ BLOCK
  • If it has an orange box and you use safe mode and attack them, it will count as a white hand and you won’t get PZ BLOCK
  • You can leave safe mode off and always have it as a fist if you wish. Everyone will be able to walk on you at all times, except the people you have aggression with. This is the most efficient hand, as you can click on who you want to attack in the game window or using the Battle. The only major risk here is to do missclicks,but you won’t have to worry about unwanted people going through you while you’re in the yellow hand, or even death with red fist mode
  • In relation to PvP, it is a good idea to have ahotkeyto toggle safe mode. Disable, attack target, activate and not risk giving wrong clicks
PVP Guide
This table was originally made by u/RydanTV and u/Summ_ and taken from Reddit.com. It was only trimmed to remove the rest of the unnecessary content.

Reading the Table

  • The most important thing to understand when it comes to speed is that Tibia has different soil classes with different frictions, and the only way to gain speed on these floors is to reach the approximate number that was placed in the next category. Did you know that a level 60 magician and a level 180 wizard can have the same speed in cities? (I’ll explain this later)
  • There are 6 speed levels (7 if GM speed is included, which requires at least one EK around level 1150 in the city). The next level is achieved when you cross an approximate value and enter that new speed level range
  • For example, level 5 speed in the city is reached at speed 321, and you’ll still be the same speed in the city (no matter how many levels you get) as long as your speed is less than 592. In 592, where level 6 is, you’ll be noticeably faster
  • The values of the green columns place it at the same rate as a level 8 (level 1), the values of the yellow columns are level 6. Intermediate values are the thresholds for levels 2-5

Understanding thresholds for speed levels is crucial to making your character faster and not wasting valuable team slots on speed gear when it won’t make you beat a speed level.

Equipment required for significant speed increases:

One important thing to keep in mind is that for every level you win, you’ll gain 2 speeds. Therefore, if you want to know what level you need to stop using a speed equipment, it is the speed increase it provides divided by 2 (i.e. acceleration boots s 10 speed levels)

Wizard level 60.

A level 60 magician with a mount,alloy legs, boots of haste, and time ring can reach a speed value of 329. As seen in the table, this is enough to increase the speed of level 5 in the city and, therefore, it is an important level to consider to pekear

Wizard level 80.

This is the set I consider most appropriate for a level 80 maker

  • This set will give you a speed of 323, allowing you to reach speed boost level 5 in cities and will also maximize your ml and death protection
PVP Guide

Wizard level 190.

  • This is what most players refer to as ‘Maximum Speed Set’
  • Assuming the char has a mount
  • With this set and level is the easiest way a character can reach 592 speed, allowing a speed range of 6 in cities.
  • Clearly, the Shrunken Head Necklace will reduce the level requirement, however being a rare item, it is not feasible to place it here.
PVP Guide

Wizard level 233.

  • Level 233 is a more comfortable level to reach 592 speed in cities.
  • With this level you will have many advantages compared to being level 190, since you do not have to use so many equipment to reach the desired amount of speed, and you will have space to use other things that give you different attributes according to what you need, in addition, you do not require a mount, to achieve the level 6 speed in cities
  • Likewise, your character will be above level 200 and you can use your summon.
PVP Guide

Wizard level 251.

  • Level 251 is in theory the lowest at which you can reach speed level 6 in Roshamuul, which is the same level of speed required to reach this speed on dirt floors (like the dirt road of the north exit of Thais), both require speed 696
  • You’re going to need a mount.
  • However, many experienced players at this level or more would prefer to reach a speed boost that does not require:
  • A mount (it’s preferable to have invisibility available without affecting speed, in case you’re looking to lose pz and have to hide from some creatures)
  • Take the place of the amulet with a beetle necklace
  • A time ring (Because it is consumed quickly)
  • A tiara of power (For the same reason as the time ring)

Highest wizards

  • Speed 813 can be achieved (at most) in a level 320 wizard with set maximum speed (including mount). Speed 813 provides level 6 in Darashia city and some cave floors (other types of cave soil may require 944 speed)
  • Speed 1258 is the coveted level 6 of speed in the grass, the sooner a magician can receive this maximum speed boost is at level 582.
PVP Guide


EKs using this set you can achieve the speed boost using spell Charge in the following levels:

  • Boost in cities (speed 592) at level 157
  • Boost on the ground (Speed 696) at level 213
  • Darashia Boost (Speed 813) at level 274
  • Boost in gram (Speed 1258) at level 508

RP sets have been excluded. Use the knowledge gained to determine what is needed.

This section will introduce some of the formulas provided by TibiaWiki. It is not even necessary to try to memorize the formulas, but they are provided as a understanding.

All spells (Healing, Attaque, and Runes) follow the same basic formula:

(lvl * 0.2) + (mlvl * x) + y

But this formula is for PvE. PvP values are equal but divided by 2. So, the formula we’ll examine is:

[(lvl * 0.2) + (mlvl * x) + y] / 2

To increase damage, we’ll only see the 3 most commonly used PvP attacks. Sudden death rune, Hell’s Core, and Eternal Winter.

  • Sudden death rune
  • Max hit: x x x 7,395, y s 46
  • Min hit: x x x 4,605, y x 28
  • Hell’s Core
  • Max hit: x x x 14, y x 0
  • Min hit: x x s 7, y s 0
  • Eternal Winter
  • Max hit: x x s 12, y s 0
  • Min hit: x x s 6, y s 0

Now we can examine winning levels vs gaining magic level with respect to damage:

Conclusion: It takes 5 levels to increase average damage by 1 in all three spells, but 1 magic level will increase the average damage by 3 for SD and 5 for the two EEs.

Let’s re-examine what I think is the optimal level of 80 PvP.

In addition to this providing us with 323 speed for level 5 speed boost in cities, this set also provides a Magic Level gain of 8 (assuming you haven’t imposed the helmet), which means on average:

  • SD to do additional damage of 24
  • EU to do additional damage of 40

Therefore, this set allows us to get as much damage as possible without compromising the Speed Boost in cities

An imbuiment of powerful crit will produce a 1.5x review of any damage value seen in the table above.

To understand this section, let’s look at a complete set of death protection for Paladins (but this applies to all elementary protections, including physical ones). This is arguably the hardest thing to understand, but the conclusion is what matters.

Before this chapter, you may have seen your set and thought “oh, great! 32% protection, ” but let me tell you that this does not exactly provide 32% death protection. Let me explain.

The way Tibia calculates a reduction value is that it takes the base hit, applies the protection of a piece of armor, and then takes the resulting value and uses it to apply protection for the next piece of rebar. It looks like this:

Base hit – (Armor1% * base hit) ? Result1 Result1 – (Armor2% * Result1) – Result2 Result2 – (Armor3% * Result2) – Result3

And so on with all your armor. Tibia does the calculation of all armor at once, but we’ll go head-down to see the actual damage reduction (order doesn’t matter because math will always be the same [i.e., 20% damage protection 10 is the same as 10% damage protection 20]). We’ll use a base hit of 100 to see the difference.

So, the true reduction value of this equipment is actually 28.2%, not 32%. As you can see, the more you have one type of protection, the weaker the protection with the next part. It’s important to keep this in mind in both PvP and PvE, as you can find a better balance of protection by mixing different types of protection, maximizing the effects.

The reduction to the death penalty comes from three situations:

  • Having a promotion
  • Have the 5 regular blessings + enhanced blessings
  • Unfair fights

Having a promotion

  • A promotion will reduce the loss of skills/experience of your characters by 30%, so it’s a good idea to get it as soon as possible in case you die leveling up your character

Regular 5 Blessings + 2 Enhanced Blessings

  • Each blessing of the total 7 will offer an additional protection of 8%, giving a total of 56% to have 7 (86% when combined with being promoted)
  • Any combination of the 7 blessings will protect the items you carry (up to 5 blessings,the additional 2 are just to protect the experience)
(source: TibiaWiki)

I recommend getting the 2 enhanced blessings because they reduce the death penalty by half compared to just having the original 5 blessings

  • Promoted + 5 blessings ? 70% protection (or 30% exp loss)
  • Promoted + 7 blessings x 86% protection (or 14% exp loss)

You don’t need to do any quests to buy enhanced blessings.

Unfair PvP fights:

  • If you die in a PvP match and the sum of your killers’ levels is higher than yours, you’ll receive an unfair fight reduction of up to an additional 80% (80% of the remaining 14% you were going to lose after the blessings are applied, reducing the possible xp loss to 2.8%)
  • If you play PvP at a higher level, I recommend wearing the charms of blessing by 5 a.m. original blessings, that way if you’re attacked while trying to place your blessings,you can quickly use all 5 and protect your items/equipment and most of your experience if you die

Counteracting the Paralyse Rune

There are currently 2 defenses/cures for paralysis effects: a healing spell and a support spell (most commonly using the Haste, but healing runes can be used), of which, a haste spell is the only spell that can allow the character being paralyzed to reach the maximum speed

  • the cooldown of a healing spell is 0.5 turns (1 sec)
  • Haste’s spell cooldown is 1 turn (2 sec)

Conclusion: Per turn, the effects of the paralyse rune can be cured up to 3 times

  • The most efficient way to heal a paralize is to heal yourself with a healing spell, then doing hast (which will heal the second paralize you receive, leaving free the possibility of healing you again if there are any third players paralyzing you).
  • Get used to doing exura and utani gran hur every time you’re paralyzed and it will save you from many situations.
  • In the game window, a paralize rune will lower your speed to 40, but this is not the case. For some strange reason the smallest number that the game window can display is 40, but the effect of a paralize actually lowers your speed to 20. Use that information in accordance with the section where we explain the speed boosts according to the floor.
  • In all frames, when you’re paralyzed, using a speed set of +70 will significantly reduce the time you move between frames.

Recommended quests to access doors (Andthat no one ever misses you)

  • Isle of evil up quest (only use a nautical map that you can buy in black bert)
  • In Service of Yalahar (never complete) for lever access
  • Dark trails quest for access to the oramond sewers
  • Pits of inferno by the door shortcut
  • Access Ferumbras ascension (Delivering 30 demonic essence)
  • Forgotten knowledge portal green to have the shortcut to PoH
  • Kissing a pig quest for the door to the Thai farm (Never open the chest so it doesn’t complete)
  • Shadows of yalahar for quest gate east of Yalahar quest
  • Thieves guild quest
  • Hidden threats quest by la forged key
  • Scattered brained sorcerer quest (order but don’t complete mission 5) for the door to the bottom of the Thais mana store
  • Postman missions (For the door under mt sternum)
  • A father’s burden quest (many doors)
  • Arito’s task for post-nomads entry
  • Carlin cults gates
  • Ab’dendriel cults gates
  • Talk to Myzzi in Edron for access to Winter and Summer courts
  • Talk to Stricken Soul at PoH for access to gazer

Recommended keys

  • Draconia Keys 3001- > 3008
  • Desert dungeon
  • 4001 – fire devil pit
  • 4009 – Library
  • 4022 – key to key 4009
  • 4023 – teleport room
  • 4037 – hall of lost doors
  • 4055 – panpipe quest
  • Brightsword quest 3301- > 3303
  • Mintwallin
  • 3600 – ghoul well
  • 3610 – secret laboratory
  • 3620 – prison gate
  • 3650 – deposit room to the south
  • 3666 – door for mag mage
  • 3667 – quarter for cyclope lever
  • Kazordoon
  • 3800 – throne room
  • 3801 – Treasure Room
  • 3802 – dwacatra prison/dwarf mine hub
  • 0909 – falcon shortcut
  • 3012 – Hellgate Entrance
  • 3033 – ab’dendriel trolls
  • 3142 – mt sternum noble armor quest
  • 3350 – isle of kings stairs up
  • 3520 – Carlin Cemetery
  • 3700 – PoI Rewards Room
  • 3701 – necromantic house
  • 3940 – Fibula entrance
  • 3980 – deeper Fibula
  • 5000 – Wyda
  • 5010 – black knight quest
  • 5050 – Dark Cathedral Angelina Cell
  • 6010 – demon hell in edron

Useful items

  • Carrot/fire bug to use near PoI
  • Scarab coins for graves
  • Dragonfetish to get out of draconia
  • Energy soil for Yalahar demons
  • Death ring for dreamers challenge
  • Bucket of chalk for falcons in edron (Overnight only, level 250+)
  • Hydra tongue salad to cure any condition.

Compiled and explained by:

Bad Sorcerer

Review by Death creepa

Nareull Test Assistant
Translation into Spanish Ryocrits

PVP Guide

If you have any questions about the PVP Guide or would like to share information you can do so in the comments or open a discussion topic on the forum

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