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Mount Sternum




There was a long time ago a great magician who is mentioned by many as the greatest, but at the same time as one of the most dangerous. His name was Dago, the sorcerer who invoked Black Demons. He lived in Mount Sternum for a long time, had strange customs and behaviors.

He died, however, and his crypt remains to this day somewhere in Mount Sternum, where one of his apprentices, Skjaar, will allow you to approach his tomb only if you respond correctly to the data he will ask you about Dago.

The Noble Armor Quest has long existed in Tibia, as does the legend of Dago. It is almost an instant and mandatory stop for every player who has reached level 35, because at this level the road is very easy and there are no complications in reaching the prize.


We will walk to Mount Sternum (THAIS):

noble armor quest

We will lower this cave (We will find cyclops before we go down)

noble armor quest

Inside the cave we will walk from point A to point B and go down. (Along the way we will find Cyclopes)

noble armor quest

Now we’ll go from point C to point D and go up. (Here we will find Skeletons and Ghouls on the way)

noble armor quest

When we go up we will find NPC Skjaar we will tell you the following words to sell us the key to open the door level 35+

Player: Hi

Skjaar: Neither strong enough to be a knight nor wise enough to be a real mage. You like it easy, don’t you? Why are you disturbing me?

: key

Skjaar: I will give the key to the crypt only to the closest followers of my master. Would you like me to test you?

Player: yes

Skjaar: Before we start I must ask you for a small donation of 1000 gold coins. Are you willing to pay 1000 gold coins for the test?

Player: yes

Skjaar: All right then. Here you eat the first question. What was the name of Dago’s favorite pet?


Skjaar: Perhaps you knew him after all. Tell me – how many fingers did he have when he died?

Player: 7

: Also true. But can you also tell me the color of the deamons in which master specialized?


Skjaar: It seems you are worthy after all. Do you want the key to the crypt?

Player: yes

Skjaar: Here you are.

Since we have purchased the key, we will pass the level 35 door and use the key on the door with the arrow marked.

noble armor quest

We’ll kill the Ghouls and collect our reward in the two southern chests.

And now enjoy your booty.


You can now terminate Noble Armor quest.


Guide created by: Jashi

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