An Ancient Feud Quest

An Ancient Feud Quest

We should help Daniel Steelsoul investigate the anomalies that are happening in the Darama Desert and discover the events in the depths of the desert as part of An Ancient Feud Quest.

Main Quest

Recommended 200+


Darashia mainly.


Cask (Goblin Zombie)
Lit Torch
Lion Ring
1 Small Emerald
Lion Mosaic
Achievement: Drama in Darama

Monsters you'll face

Werehyaena Shaman
White Lion


-Have complete quest: The Curse Spread (Foxtail Amulet Quest).

-Access to Lions Rock (Only be able to go through the blue flame/tp).

x5 Salts (purchased with Mugluf in Darshia)
x1 Net (purchased with Halif in Darashia)
x1 Chopped Lions Mane Petal
x1 Boiled Hydra Egg (You can get it using a Hydra egg on a stove)
x1 Haunch Of Boar Meat (They Lootean de Boars and Wereboars)
x5 Lions Mane (Looteable on the trunk in hand-shaped above Lion's Rock or looted from Roaring Lions)


Delve into this new adventure about what happened after the passage of the curse that has fallen upon Grimvale previously and now this
desolate the Darama Desert and discover the reason for the enmity that hides the mystery of the Werehyaenas and Werelions
Daniel sends you to talk to Domizian so he can help him investigate the disease that’s spreading around Darama.


The first thing to do to start the progress of the quest is to head towards the city of Edron right in the castle where we will find Daniel Steelsoul who will notify us about the anomalies that are happening in the Darama desert and send us with his
collaborator Domizian and with his help make sure to reveal the events in the depths of the desert.

Daniel Steelsoul: Greetings and Banor be with you, Player


Daniel Steelsoul:
Thank you again for your assistance, Player! The Curse of the Full Moon still exists on Edron. But thanks to your heroic deeds we can keep it within certain bounds. At least I hope so! …

Daniel Steelsoul:
Yesterday a travelling salesman told me that he spotted a feral creature in the Darama desert that looked like half man and half lion. Banor grant that this is just off gossip and that the curse didn’t spread further. …

Daniel Steelsoul:
Well, I guess, we will find out soon. Edron, for the time being, is a safer place now, thanks to you.

Player: lion

Daniel Steelsoul: Lately I heard rumours about the curse. That it has spread to the Darama Desert and that the lions there could also be were-creatures. Do you want to get to the bottom of it?


Daniel Steelsoul: Then please travel to Darashia and search for a man called Domizian. He lives in a house at the harbour. I know him for many years, he’s a trustworthy friend. …

Daniel Steelsoul:
I’m sure, I can tell you more about the curse in the Darama Desert.

Now go with Domizian who is right in the building on the second floor left as soon as you get off Darashia’s boat.


Greetings, traveller!


So, Daniel Steelsoul sent you? He is a most respectable man and I’m honored to know him. It is of advantage that you have already dealt with the were-sickness so you won’t hurl yourself into this adventure unprepared. …

Listen, the curse has indeed spread to the Darama Desert – but not recently. It exists here since a long time but only few know about it. Here, it’s not werewolves or werebears. The danger that plagues this region are the werehyaenas. …

Domizian: Until now they were savage and smelly beasts who hunted down a travelling merchant now and then. But mostly they stayed in their underground lairs and lived off carrion. …

But a few weeks ago something changed. Suddenly they had shamans, something I never saw before. Those shamans are using bone talismans and paint their fur with runes. Runes I saw just eleven before … on an artefact from Drefia. …

I’m afraid the werehyaenas have a kind of pact with the undead of Drefia but I don’t have proof. Please go to their lairs and investigate. You will find the entrance north of the town, at a large menhir.

Now we must go to Werehyaenas Cave north of Darashia Bank next to Wasps respawn.

Once you get to the respawn it is advisable to kill every Werehyaenas creature you see on the way that nthey’ll ask you to kill 300 later and the kill counter goes up even if it’s not at that point in the quest, now what we have to do is mark 3 specific locations within the cave.

After we have found all the places and get the warning messages that you have already found them we should go with the npc “A Skull” which will only speak to you at night and we will tell you the following:


A Skull:
Greetings, traveller!


A Skull: Listen: The undead of Drefia are working together with the werehyaenas. I overheard a secret conversation between a werehyaena shaman and a lich right here!

-He will tell you that the Undead of Drefia are working together with the Werehyenas, now go talk to Domizian,he will ask you to find a way to stop the Plans of the Werehyenas.

-The dialogue with Domizian is: Hi, Curse.

-Then we will leave with “Rarghu” who is the leader of the Werehyenas is at the bottom of the cave and we will say: Hi, Curse.

-He will ask us for 5 items to stop the curse and give you a barrel (at the beginning of the guide we indicate which ones)

-We will have to capture 5 Cave rats which you can find in Yalahar or a Sorcerer or Druid can summon them and thus use the Net in the rats to capture them then use the Salt in the rats and rats with salt in the Barrel that Rarghu gives us.

Now we will go to one of the places we marked at the beginning of the quest, exactly on the stone inside a giant skeleton use the torch on the stone will tell us that we cannot burn because the torch does not have enough power for this. So it was our place to go back to Domizian and have this dialogue.

Player: hi

Greetings, traveller!

: destroy

Domizian: I guess you need something holy or at least blessed to destroy this evil site. The werelions know a ritual that allows you to bless fire in general. It should work with this torch, too. …

But you can do that only at a special altar in our sanctum. Go to the Lion’s Rock in the north-west of Darashia. Descend to the area where the most noble lions are guarding a secret entrance. …

Domizian: There is a door, you can only open if you know the right phrase. It is: ‘The sun guides our hearts. The moon guards our dreams’. Down there you will find a room with a mosaic, showing a sun and a moon. …

There is an altar where you can bless the torch. You have to find a lion mane flower and chop the petals up small. Then sprinkle the chopped petals into the flame while standing at the altar. …

Domizian: Thus, the fire will be blessed and should be able to burn down the evil bone shrine.

Now we can go and purify the fire in the respawn of the Werelions, follow all the full path until we reach an altar with an open book.

Once we’re here, we’ll use the “chopped Lion mane Petal” On the torch, you must stand in the spot seen in the image or the petal will be consumed and you must use another one, now with the purified torch we can return to the stone in the new Hyenas and use the torch to break the link.

-We do the return tour to go to the stone.

-We will report with Domizian with the following dialogue:


Greetings, traveller!


You destroyed the pact between the werehyaenas and the undead! You did Darashia a great favor, that’s for sure. But there are still so many of them, they could be a real threat to the caravans that try to reach the city. …

Domizian: Please, kill three hundred of those ferocious werehyaenas and their shamans.

He will be happy with the progress and say that the large number of Werehyaenas and Werehyaena Shamans remains a major threat to the population of Darashia and therefore asks for our help in decreasing the population, simply returns to the Werehyaenas cave and kills 300 Werehyaenas or Werehyaena shamanes.

After killing them we go back and talk to Domizian again:


Greetings, traveller!


Domizian: Yes, there are less of them now! What a relief for Darashia. Well, I guess, now I can trust you enough to tell you a little secret about myself. I’m currently a werelion. Don’t be scared, though. …

Domizian: There’s something special to the werelions: We can control the curse and don’t attack people like mindless beasts. This is the reason why I can live here in the city and talk to you in such a civilzed way. …

Well, the werehyaenas were a danger to Darashia but they also caused a very personal problem for me. Look, I assumed that they are up to something and that this something could be the undead in Drefia. …

I warned our king, Heliodor, about it but he didn’t believe me. I insisted and got short-tempered – which is never a good idea in the presence of your king. I exiled me as punishment for my impudence. …

This is the reason why I live here in Darashia. This city has its conveniences but I would like to return to my pride. Please find Heliodor and tell him about the werehyaenas’ pact with the undead. …

Domizian: Take this ring, it will allow you to enter the lower part of the sanctum. Wear it while you touch one of the lion columns in the centre of the sanctum’s upper floor. Then you will reach the lower part.

Now it is our turn to return to the respawn of the werelions, we will have to go to a statue and click,which will ask us to sacrifice specific ingredients which will be obtained from insured drop the first time we do the quest.

They are 4 farmable bosses every 20 hours, similar to Grimvale bosses in “The Curse Spread Quest”.

an ancient feud quest
We will click on the statue located in the following image to be able to access the bosses that are located in the north of the respawn (You must have the ring on).
an ancient feud quest
Then we'll go to the respawn's next spot so we can kill the required bosses and get the items we need to access the last step.

We return to the statue we will click to be able to access the camera, then walk towards the symbol of the sun and moon and we will try to put on the symbol, transport us to the chamber of King Heliondor and thus finish the quest.

Once inside with King Heliondor we will tell him “Hi – Curse” and reward us with the Achievement “Darama in Darama” and you have finished this little adventure.

Lions Mosaic sample At home

This is what Lions Mosaic will look like when you put it in your house:

Finished An Ancient Feud Quest

You've finished An Ancient Feud Quest.

Credits: LtnGhost

Character: Hello Ghost

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