Lion's Rock Quest

We have prepared a complete guide for Lion’s Rock Quest, follow step by step the guide to finish access and enjoy this area and its benefits.

Easy difficulty
Quest Type: Access and Mount
Required level: 70
Premium: Yes
Map Area: Darashia

Dangers you may encounter....

Noble Lion
Ancient Scarab
Roaring Lion
Krypt Shambler
Demon Skeleton
Demon Skeleton

Items needed for Lion's Rock Quest


Head to the Lions rock entrance which is northwest of Darashia.

Follow the images below so you don’t get lost.

Lion's Rock Quest

Once here we will take the path to the left of this cave here there are some stairs through which we must go down.

Lion's Rock Quest

Once we have gone down we will follow the path indicated in the following image.

In this position marked on the map you have to find a corpse (Skeleton) and open it here will give us a piece of paper that is essential to pass the tests of this access, in the following image it looks like the body is placed.

Lion's Rock Quest

Paper looks like this.

Lion's Rock Quest
Lion's Rock Quest

By having this role we can now begin with the 3 tests we must do to gain access to the sanctuary.

To start the first test which is called “The Force of the Lion” we must follow the following map until we reach a sandstone statue as seen in the following image.

Lion's Rock Quest

Once here on the statue we will use the item “Cobra tongue” on the statue and we will get this message while removing the item from our backpack (also updates the questlog)

Lion's Rock Quest

When we do this we finish the first test, we will confirm in the quest log in the warm tab such, we must get something like this.

After completing the first test and starting the second one we have to go back to the beginning where the entrance to the cave is, to the right of the entrance there are some stairs through which we must climb.

Above we click on the lion flower that is here, when we do this the flower will appear in our backpack, if you do not find the flower in that place continues to rise and there are more also reappear in a while.

Lion's Rock Quest

After having the flower in our backpack we must return to the lower floor of this cave, but this time we will follow another path to a cauldron of fire.

Once here, to complete the second test we have to right click on the flower and hit the cauldron. It will update the quest log and tell us that we have already finished the second test.

To start the third test we have to go back once more to the entrance of the cave, at the entrance there are some stairs we will climb them and walk to the left until we find a fountain.

We will click on it and they will give us a holy water, we will have it in our backpack and it will look the way it looks in the image.

Lion's Rock Quest

Then we go to the lower floor again and follow the image of the marked minimap, in this position is a type of altar.

We will click on the holy water and throw it over the cauldron, when we do this a message will appear and update the quest log.

And with this we have finished the tests and we already have access to the sanctuary that is in this direction.

Lion's Rock Quest

Now that you’re done Lion’s Rock Quest you can enjoy this area and its benefits, happiness.

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