The Lost Brother Quest

The Lost Brother Quest

Want to complete The Lost Brother Quest? We’ve prepared the following guide so you can complete The Lost Brother Quest and access the benefits it gives you, such as trading with NPC Tarun.

Medium difficulty
Quest Type: Access to an NPC
Required level: 150
Premium: Yes
Map Zone: Port Hope

Dangers you may encounter....

Midnight Asura
Massive Fire Elemental
Frost Flower Asura
Dawnfire Asura

To begin this mission we will head to the jungle of port hope to the northeast, guide you from the images so as not to miss you.

The Lost Brother Quest

In these coordinates we will meet NPC Tarun to whom we must ask him for the mission to investigate the temple of asuras in search of his lost brother.

The Lost Brother Quest

To begin the mission we must tell you the following dialogue.

  • Hi
  • Mission
  • Yes

He will update the quest log and tell us that his brother is lost and that the last thing he knew about him is that a woman attracted him and took him (A asura), he will ask us to investigate the palace in search of what happened to him.

From here we will go to the palace on the left above this npc.

The Lost Brother Quest

We have to go up to the room of this palace, you must be careful if you do not have a decent level since the creatures of this respawn are quite strong.

First Floor
Second Floor
The Lost Brother Quest
Third Floor
Third Floor
Fourth floor

On the fourth floor of the palace, on the right there is a room in which there is a crack, we have to go down it.

When you go down you will meet the brother’s body and a message will appear on the server log and on the screen with the last words of the brother. (There are 2 Massive Fire Elementals)

Once we’ve seen this, we have to go to NPC Tarun’s to inform him of this tragedy.

We’ll talk to him again.

  • Hi
  • Mission
  • Yes

We will inform you of the tragedy that happened and the last words of your brother.

By doing this our Quest Log will be updated and say that we have finished the quest.

We already have access to trade with him.

The Lost Brother Quest

Now that you’re done, you can access all the benefits of The Lost Brother Quest.

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