How to go to Rookgaard

HOW TO GO TO Rookgaard

Quick guide to Rookgaard from DawnPort, we all miss that nostalgic island and there's still a way to visit it.


No minimum level required.

No premium account required.



If you are one of those who would like to remember rookgard before climbing mainland this is the option to visit that island:


I inigo:
You came through the portal! Though it must be different from where you came from, I’m sure you can help us. But first, I can help YOU.

Player: rookgaard

I inigo:
Hmmm. Long time I visited that isle. Not very exciting place. Why do you ask? Do you wish to go there?

Player: yes

I inigo:
Careful, careful, it’s a one-way ticket only! You can never come back here if you leave now, and you will lose all your Dawnport equipment and products! …

I inigo:
Are you SURE you want to LEAVE Dawnport for ROOKGAARD?


I inigo: Then so be it. I’m sorry to see you go, but if this is what you want, step this way… right. Now, cover your eyes… Go!

And that’s it, you’ll be in rookgaard

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