Now you can contribute to Tibiapedia with: Achievements

Since March 2020 we launched the first version of
our activity
system, which aims to reward all users who contribute content to Tibiapedia, to this day is when we feel that the system is truly complete to start as it should be: Very seriously.

Currently we are in a situation of truly incredible growth, when we started this project we had only the idea of publishing some important guides and stage calculators, but we are at such an extent that we want to expand our content type, such as:

  • Tibia News in Spanish.
  • Articles of interest to the community at large.
  • Achievements in Spanish.
  • And in the not too distant future: Houses and their information.

Until then it was only possible to publish this type of content:

  • Guides: Always in draft format, publishing the guide in Spanish with all the information and photos in
    our forum,
    every time they send a new guide we have to edit it to give it the format we use in Tibiapedia, currently it will continue to work the same to preserve the quality of our content.

To see all the content with which you have contributed you have to access my contributions.

After this publication they may contribute to:

  • Achievements: We know that there are currently more than 400 Achievements, gradually the content team and users are adding the missing achievements, but we certainly still lack to have this full section.

How can I contribute::

We have created a section of “Sending Achievements”, we did so because we require some minimum information to be able to publish the achievement on the page (remember that we build quality), to contribute achievements you can do it from here: Publish Achievements.

What information should

I provide?:

All achievements have the same data structure that you must enter from the achievements form and

it is as follows:

  • sense you can leave it in English.

  • Spoiler: Since achievement is achieved, it doesn’t have to be a tutorial, just directly say the solution.
  • Grade: There are achievements that belong to Grade 1, 2, 3 or 4, select the degree of Achievement you want to publish.
  • Points: Enter how many Achievements points you give once unlocked.
  • Secret: Is Achievement a secret? Or not? just select.
  • Premium: Select whether you require premium account to achieve this.

Note: Remember to search for achievement by name from our search engine before publishing to avoid being rejected for duplicate content (if it is not previously published it will be quickly approved.

For each achievement posted you will be awarded 2 points

What prizes can I get?

Currently we continue to work on expanding the awards that we can award, the ones we currently have are:

  • Verified Profile in
  • Tibia Coins
  • 1 Month of Exit Lag.


  • Tibiapedia (Our fanite item).

If you have not read about our activity system we recommend first of all to read all the information, rules and prizes that make up this system, all the information is in this link: Activity System.

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