Fixes and Changes

In order to further address the economic development in Tibia, we have made the following adjustments regarding the price of blessings with today’s server savings:

  • Up to level 120 there are no changes to the price of boons.
  • The Prices of Regular Blessings The Spirit Shield, The Embrace of Tibia, The Fire of the Suns, The Spark of the Phoenix y The Wisdom of Solitude of level 120 are calculated as follows: 20,000 Po + 75 Po for each additional level above level 120.
  • Prices for Mountain Blood and Heart of the Mountain Enhanced Blessings starting at level 120 are calculated as follows: 26,000 po + 100 op for each additional level above level 120.
  • There is no setting for the Twist of Fate blessing .
  • The existing discount rates remain the same.
  • NPC Henricus’ Blessing of the Inquisition still costs 10% more than purchasing all five blessings separately.
  • Tibia Coin prices for all blessings in the Tibia Store remain the same.

In addition to this, we have implemented some fixes and changes, including the following:

  • All tournament content has now been removed from the game, including tournament coins.

Have fun at Tibia!
Your Community Managers

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