Draconia Quest in Spanish

Quest Type: Main Quests
Required level: 25
Premium: No
Map Area: Ab’Dendriel
Monsters you can find…


Poison Spider




Carrion Worm





Demon Skeleton


Many researchers in the world of Tibia often wonder what is the true origin of the inhospitable island of Draconia located east of Ab’Dendriel. Although some claim that their relationship with the Dragons is almost obvious, many doubt it because of their near-zero presence on the island today.

Taking a look at the island, we can mention that there are still a few Dragons hiding in some caves, however, the most impressive thing is a huge black pyramid that occupies almost the entire island. The pyramid is in turn occupied by Undeads, who will not hesitate for a moment to break your bones and become one more of them. Of unknown origin, this place is surely home to a powerful master, the tomb of some recognized being of some race, or perhaps even the hiding place of a huge treasure.

The Draconia Quest will take place, as you can imagine, on the island of Draconia, departing from Ab’Dendriel and arriving on the island via Hellgate. Despite what you might think, it’s not obligatory to face Dragons in this Quest, although you’ll probably see one while carrying it out. The reward basically consists of a couple of protective items and some weapons. It is not advisable to do so if what you are actually looking for is money, but rather it is a challenge for lower level players or those with free time.

Required Items:
– Rope or the “Magic Rope” spell.
– Key 3012 or 5,000gp (5k).
– Destroy Field Runes.
In addition to Items, you will need to go with at least one companion in order to complete the Quest. If you go alone, you won’t be able to get all the keys and therefore you won’t be able to finish the Quest.

Note: Within the pyramid, the Quest is mainly based on obtaining 8 keys, of which 7 are respawn daily. This means that if someone has already done the Quest that day, before you, and has grabbed the keys, you will not be able to take them since that other person will have already taken it. Fortunately, there are ways out of Draconia, so don’t think if you can’t take the keys you’re in a dead end.

Road to Draconia

First of all, you must be in the city of the elves, Ab’Dendriel, located northeast of Tibia. Once there, head for the floors underground. It is advisable to go down the stairs located in the center of the city (A), from which, you must continue down two more floors until you reach the floor of the lower image. The other blue dots indicate other stairs with which you can go down to the lower floor.

Once on the -3 (three floors below normal level, A), walk to the right and you’ll come up with a door (B) and a notice indicating that access is restricted. If you’re lucky, you’ll find the door open and you’ll be able to enter the Teleport inside. If you’re not so lucky, go to some stairs on the right (C), and climb through them to meet Elathriel, who will sell you the Key 3012 for the small sum of 5000gp (5k).

Dialogue with Elathriel

Hi (Hello)

Be greeted [nombre]. What is your business near the hellgate?
(Welcome [nombre]. What brings you to the vicinity of Hellgate?)


If you are that curious, do you want to buy a key for 5000 gold? Don’t blame me if you get sucked in.
(If you’re so curious, would you like to buy me the key for 5000 pieces of gold? Don’t blame me if you’re absorbed.)

Bye (Goodbye)

Asha Thrazi, stranger.
(Asha Thrazi, stranger.)

As soon as you hold the key, go back to the door, open it and enter it to meet a Teleport, walk through it and you’ll find yourself in Hellgate.

From here, there’s no return to Ab’Dendriel unless you’re going a more or less long way out of Hellgate. This place consists of many caves full of Undeads, because ab’Dendriel’s elves threw all the criminals into Hellgate to let them rotting there. To traverse Hellgate we have prepared a fairly long map describing the route to Draconia, which we will specify from now on.
Note: The maps have changed, now we’ll use yellow buttons and start over from letter A.

From where you’ve appeared (A), go up the stairs and walk to the left. Don’t listen to the others, always walk to the left. When you arrive at a site with a variety of routes to choose from, take the one from further north and continue walking until you find a hole (B), go down for it. From now on there will be only one route with 5 Skeletons, so don’t be afraid and move on.

Go down a second hole (C) and pass over the bridge over the lava. When you reach the first separation of roads, move north and when you see a hole, walk to the right. There will be a few Spiders. Then take the up road and go down the hole (D). You will enter a large cave of Rotworms and Carrion Worms. Take this opportunity and get as much food as you can, as it’s the only point where you can do it all over Hellgate. Go down the next hole (E). In the next room, remove the Skeletons and Ghouls, and go down the hole to the south.

In this room it doesn’t take much attack power, just walk south at all times and you’ll quickly encounter the next descent (F). In this cave, continue advancing south and you will encounter a hole and a path to the left. Go down the hole (G).

From the descent, walk to the left. In this tunnel you’ll find Skeletons and Ghouls. When you start to see, inside the walls of the cave, Skulls with fire or energy, you’ll know you’ve reached the Beholders area. A couple of Beholders are waiting for you at the entrance, kill them and always stay close to the wall that starts to the left of the “exit” of the cave. Walk to the left and you’ll find only a few Ghouls. If you keep moving forward glued to the wall, you’ll find a way down. Go get him and you’ll find a hole. Come down for it (H).

You’ll find yourself in a big cave with lava and rocks. Don’t be afraid, there’s nothing dangerous. Go left and you’ll find a place to climb with your Rope (I), go up for it. Walk north and kill the Ghoul; in front of you you will see a hole. Before you go down, you should know that when you get off you’ll find yourself in front of a place called Redbone Castle (J), and being an “important” place within Hellgate, it is protected by a large group of Undeads, consisting of 8 Skeletons, 6 Ghouls and 3 Demon Skeletons. To enter Redbone Castle, roll it and enter from behind. Go up the stairs and kill the 2 Ghouls and the Demon Skeleton. Then go up the hole right in front of the stairs.

From here the path is quite linear. As soon as you climb redbone Castle, you’ll find yourself in a long cave with Spiders, Skeletons, Rotworms, Carrion Worms and some Slime. In the caves below you will only find Bats, Rotworms, Carrion Worms, Skeletons and Ghouls. Our advice is that you gather as much food here as possible, because within the pyramid of Draconia there are no monsters that give food. Continue advancing through the caves and you’ll see how Dragons’ corpses begin to appear, a sign that you’re approaching the surface of the island, where you’ll eventually find yourself.

Once you find yourself on the surface of Draconia, you’ll find yourself in a pretty devastated landscape, with diverse corpses, albeit mostly Dragons. You’ll probably face a couple of Rotworms.

Note: Again, we’ve changed the color of the buttons on the map, for convenience. From here, the buttons will be green and will be used along the pyramid of Draconia.

From the point where you appear (A), walk east and find your way to get to the right side of the pyramid. Don’t be afraid, there’s nothing dangerous around, just some Rotworms. Look to the right of the pyramid for a hole (B) and go down it. As you go down, you’ll see a road and some stairs.

The stairs will direct you to a Dragon and a sacrificial board with which you can return to Ab’Dendriel if you wish. However, the price to pay is Key 3012, which you must place on the table in order to use the Teleport. If you’re not leaving Draconia, walk north of the stairs and climb the hole to find yourself inside the pyramid of Draconia (C).

As soon as you go up, 2 Skeletons and a Scorpion will come on the attack, kill them and go down the road on the left. You’ll face 3 more Skeletons, but kill them and head to the upper-left corner of the pyramid (D). You’ll see a very narrow kind of room with a lot of Slain Skeletons. Head for the far right and open it to find Key 3001. In case you can’t find it, move the Skeletons until you get to the right one.

With Key 3001 in your hands, return to the hole you came through and walk south this time. You’ll face 2 Skeletons and 4 Scorpions. At the end of the hall you’ll find two locked doors (E). Use Key 3001 to open the right. Behind the door you will face 2 more Skeletons and see in front of you a red carpet (F). care! The carpet has Poison Gas, Fire Fields and Energy Fields underneath it and two hidden holes that lead you to a small cave with 8 Scorpions if you fall. We recommend going past the bottom wall so as not to fall. On the other side, you’ll face a Skeleton and 3 Scorpions. Inside the penultimate coffin above you’ll find Key 3002.

Since you own Key 3002, return to the place where you got the first key and walk south to find a locked room (G). Use the Key 3002 to open it, kill the 2 Scorpions and operate the lever inside; you’ll see Key 8003 blocked by a stone. Get out of the room, walk north and you’ll see a room with a crowbar (H), previously closed, is now open. Operate that lever and the stone blocking key 8003 will disappear. Go back to the room and grab the key.

To finish the first floor of the pyramid, and after you have obtained Key 3003, return to the site of the two locked doors (E) and open with the key just obtained the door on the left. Walk through the corridors and eliminate the 5 Skeletons and 4 Scorpions you’ll face. Behind the halls you will find a room with a staircase to the second floor (I), go up it.

As soon as you go up, 5 Skeletons and 4 Ghouls will come to attack, kill them and walk to the right to face 3 skeletons and 3 more Ghouls. You’ll see a room full of Energy Fields (J), get into it and walk over the Energy Fields curing you if you need it. You’ll see north of the room a key with an Energy Field on it. Use a Destroy Field Rune over the Energy Field to get the Key 3004.

Get out of the room with Energy Fields and walk down to find a door, open it with Key 3004. You’ll see a path to the left and a locked door on your right (M). Go down the road on the left, and behind the several narrow corridors you will reach a larger room (K), in which, in its corner, is Key 3005. Between the corridors and this last room, you’ll face 5 Ghouls.

With this last key in your hands, go back to the stairs you had reached from the first floor, and walk from them to the left to find another locked room (L). Use Key 3005 to open it and defeat the 3 Skeletons and 2 Ghouls there. On the corner of this room you’ll see an entrance to a room full of Fire Fields and Energy Fields. In the lower right corner of this room is Key 3006, hidden under Fire Field and Energy Field, so you’ll need to use two Destroy Field Rune loads to get it.

Once you have Key 3006 in your possession, get out of that room and return to the locked room you described south of the room with Energy Fields (M), which you can open with that key. Defeat the 2 Skeletons and 3 Ghouls and climb the stairs.

In this room is vital the participation of the partner we mentioned at first. When you go up, you’ll face 2 Ghouls. Go up and you’ll encounter another Ghoul and a narrow downward corridor, where you’ll face 7 Ghouls and a Demon Skeleton. To the left of this spacious room is another, with 3 Ghouls and one more Demon Skeleton. Now comes the fun.

To get the 3007 key, you must operate the switches on this floor in a special way. With two people you can achieve it, although, as expected, it is more comfortable and simple with more people. In case only two people go, the method is as follows:

At point 1 of the map, there are 2 switches to crush. Either must be located at the bottom, and with it, a wall will disappear by 2, allowing access to that place. Anyone who is not standing on the switch should go to 2, and crush the switch that is there, and thus cause a wall to open at 3, where there is a Teleport. While the one standing at 2 remains on mobile on his switch, the one that originally rated at 1, can move to 3 and enter his Teleport to appear on 4, where Key 3007 is located. Finally, whoever took the key must be returned to 1, to release his companion from 2, otherwise he will not be able to leave.

With the key in your hands, walk up the stairs of this apartment, located on the left side (N). When you climb up, you’ll face off against a Mummy and a Demon Skeleton. Kill them and walk to the right, where you’ll face 2 more Mummies. Keep walking and you’ll find the locked door to key 3007. Inside, you’ll find again a series of narrow corridors, inside which you’ll face 4 Mummies and 2 Demon Skeletons. Help yourself with the corridors so you can face them one at a time and make this part easier.

After killing the creatures, go up the stairs and you’ll face 3 Mummies and a Slime. Using weapons, runes, or spells from the Fire element can greatly simplify this part, as both Mummies and Slimes are weak to such attacks. Once the creatures are defeated, move right and down to find another corridor that will take you to the center of the floor, where you’ll face 5 Mummies and 2 Slimes. Then head up the stairs to head to the last quarter of the Quest.

When climbing, you’ll face off with 3 Mummies and 3 Demon Skeletons. The stairs are located so that if you don’t move, you won’t face more than two creatures at once, so use this advantage and don’t move, while killing the creatures quickly. Similarly, it should be mentioned that if you have to block 2 Demon Skeletons, they can give quite strong hits, so it is advisable to remove them quickly. Once you’ve eliminated all creatures, go through the level 25 gate and get your rewards.

Before leaving this room, go to the bookster on the left and use it to get Key 3008 (this is the only key you don’t get per daily spawn). Climb the stairs to the center of the room and you’ll find yourself in a small room with a locked door and a Teleport. Open the door with Key 3008 and set the levers as shown in the image to enable Teleport. As you walk on it, you’ll appear in Ab’Dendriel (O), so you don’t have to walk back from Draconia. Enjoy your rewards!

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