Against The Spider Cult Quest

Also known as: Terra Amulet Quest
Quest Type: Main Quests
Level required: No level requirement.
Premium: Yes
Map Area: Edron
Monsters you can find…


Poison Spider


Orc Spearman

Orc Warrior

Orc Shaman

Orc Berserker

Orc Leader

Giant Spider

Terra Amulet


Undoubtedly, since its founding the city of Edron has had a problematic existence. Surrounded by dangers wherever you can think of looking up, its inhabitants are accustomed to daily having to be attentive to the dangers that might haunt them. One of the most latent dangers not only in Edron, but also throughout Tibia, is the threat of the Orcs. In Edron, this threat results in daily clashes with green-skinned creatures, and a constant headache trying to sabotage their plans, which seem to have no end.

The Against the Spider Cult Quest will lead us to sabotage the Orcs’ plan to breed Giant Spiders to attack humans. It’s not a very difficult Quest, but it’s not easy either. A low-level player could do it, if anyone kills the Giant Spiders for him. Mid-level players, mean their part, will encounter a pretty challenging Quest. The reward, the Terra Amulet, today is no longer as rare as before, but it’s still a good item to protect you from Earth-type attacks.

Items required:
– Rope or the “Magic Rope” spell.
– Shovel.
– Melee weapon or Fire Bug.

Ending the Threat

To start the Quest, head to Edron Palace (at the spot marked with the dot), located in the center of the fortress of the same city. Once there, head to the main hall to meet Daniel Steelsoul. When you find him, talk to him.

Hi (Hello)

Daniel Steelsoul:
Greetings and Banor be with you, [jugador] !

(Greetings and Banor being with you, [jugador] !)

Mission (Mission)

Daniel Steelsoul: Very good, we need heroes like you to go on a suici….. Er…. to earn respect of the authorities here AND in addition get a great reward for it. Are you interested in the job?

(All right, we need heroes like you to go on a suicide mission… Er… to win the respect of our authorities And also get a great reward for it. Are you interested in the job?)

Yes (Yes)

Daniel Steelsoul:
Very well, maybe you know that the orcs here in Edron learnt to raise giant spiders. It is going to become a serious threat. …

(All right, you might know that the Orcs here in Edron learned how to breed Giant Spiders. It’s becoming a serious threat. …)

Daniel Steelsoul:
The mission is simple: go to the orcs and destroy all spider eggs that are hatched by the giant spider they have managed to catch. The orcs are located in the south of the western part of the island.

(The mission is simple: go to the Orcs and destroy all the spider eggs left by the Giant Spider they managed to catch. The Orcs are located south of the western part of the island.)

Player: Bye (Goodbye)

Daniel Steelsoul:

From Edron Palace, walk south to find the building called Edron Flats. Get in it and you’ll see two stairs. Go down the stairs and on the subway, walk to the left. In the end, you’ll see a room similar to what appears to be a bathroom. You’ll find some sewers. Go down them and follow the linear path through them until you surface.

On the surface you probably face Snakes, Poison Spiders, Orcs and Orc Spearmen. Walk to the southeast defeating the various Orcs that appear on your way to the stairs that go to the caves (D). When you get down, you’ll see there’s a rock and a crowbar. Press the lever to make the rock disappear and defeat the Orcs and Orc Spearmen behind it. Walk south.

Along the way you will see many Orcs, Orc Spearmen, Orc Warriors and Poison Spiders, be careful and try to avoid being surrounded. Keep walking until you get to the point. Get down the hole. When you get down, you’re probably up against some Orc Spearmen and Orc Warriors. Go left and you’ll see a hole and two paths. Go up and then to the right to find a hole behind an Orc Spearmen and Orc Warriors. Come down for him.

Be quite careful in this part of the Quest as 2 Orc Berserkers, several Orc Warriors and Orc Spearmen and 4 Orc Shamans await you under the hole, whose snakes can leave you at the mercy of attacks from other creatures and be risky. You can take the creatures to the top floor if necessary using the Rope. Once you’re ready, walk left and then up without changing direction until you reach a large room with snake tiles. Be careful here, as several Orc Shamans, Orc Warriors and one Orc Berserker appear. Go down the north hole of the living room

When you go down you’re probably up against an Orc Shaman or Orc Leader. Walk up and then walk to the right, where you’ll find both Orc Berserkers and Orc Shamans. Head northeast to find some stairs (H). Get ready up here as you’ll have to face a Giant Spider. Go down the stairs and kill the Giant Spider in any way you see fit. Effective use of Fire element runes and spells could help a lot too,

Now, around the Giant Spider you’ll find various cobwebs with spider eggs behind them. Break the cobwebs using a Fire Bug or Melee weapon repeatedly over them and “use” the egg to break it, but be careful, as for every egg you break a Giant Spider will appear in the center of the room. It is recommended that you kill them one by one and not accumulate them. In total, you will find 4 eggs. Once you destroy them all, you’re done with your mission.

To get out of the cave follow the same path you’ve come down. When you reach the surface, you’ll need to use the shovel to open the hole that leads you to the sewers of the city of Edron. Back in town, head back to Edron Palace to talk to Daniel Steelsoul.

Hi (Hello)

Daniel Steelsoul:
Greetings and Banor be with you, [jugador] !

(Greetings and Banor being with you, [jugador] !)

Player: Mission (Mission)

Daniel Steelsoul:
What’s that? YOU DID IT?!?! That’s… that’s… Er…. [drops a piece of paper. You see the headline ‘death certificate’] like I expected!! Here is your reward.

(What, DID YOU?!?! That’s it… is… Er… [drops a piece of paper. You see the title ‘death certificate’] as expected! Here’s your reward.)

Player: Bye (Goodbye)

Daniel Steelsoul:

Once the dialogue with Daniel Steelsoul is over, you will have received your reward, a Terra Amulet. Enjoy!

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