Battle Axe Quest

Battle Axe Quest

Guide to finish Battle Axe Quest.

Main Quest

No level requirement

No premium required


Monsters to face

Cave Rat
Cave Rat


Battle Axe Quest Introduction

A man was lost in Thais’ sewers when he fell into a hole. The earth sealed the place where he had fallen, turning that place into his grave.

The Battle Axe Quest is a fairly simple Quest that virtually any newly arrived Rookgaard player can perform, due to its almost no difficulty and easy access.

Items required:
– Rope or magic “Magic Rope”.
– Pick.

To perform this Quest we only have to walk in the direction of the south left exit of Thais, go down the sewer that is located by tibiaBank and follow the road to the south, as indicated.

With the beak open where it is markedcontinuation, when you go down open the skeleton’s body and enjoy your loot

Battle Axe Quest Finished

You can finish now.

Credits: Jashi

Question of interest:

Have you ever done this quest? We know that currently the value of the reward is practically zero, but we would like to know if there are still people who when leaving Rookgard do this quest to get even a little more gold for the first refills.

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