Black Knight Quest

Complete guide to finish Black Knight Quest.

Main quest.



Villa Scapula, North Venore.

Monsters to face

black knight


crown armor
Crown Armor
crown shield
Crown Shield


Once upon a time there was a strong commander of the Thai army, whose achievements and triumphs greatly helped the growth and establishment of the hegemony of his kingdom. In gratitude for his actions, the Kingdom of Thais granted him ownership of a large mansion located in the Green Claw Swamp northwest of Venore. One day, there was a major earthquake in the east of the continent, which affected more than anything the city of Venore and the swamp around it. After that event, this man’s mansion sank into the swamp mud with him locked in the basement, after which he was taken dead.

Some inhabitants of Venore and others who fled the mansion during the earthquake, claim that it is possible that the commander will still live at the bottom of the mansion, however, no one dares to go down there for fear that by some false movement some structure of the building will come out of place and the mud begins to drain inside the house , becoming his grave.

The Black Knight Quest is precisely about entering the army commander’s sunken mansion and getting to the real bottom of it. It’s a pretty interesting Quest and even as you do it you can find different scrolls with the commander’s writings, which will help you complete the story. Loot is great and for the same reason is one of the most performed Quests by players as soon as they acquire the level necessary to do so. In addition, Tibia’s only Black Knight can be found here, so you can consider it a challenge.

Go to the place marked on the map (Venore).

Go down the stairs and head to the place marked with a star to pick up the key, then go to the place marked with the arrow and go down the stairs:

Use the key on the door and come down until you find a fork.

Follow as shown in the following images to the marked location, where you will find a portal:

Once on the other side, you will appear in the green circle marked in the following image, you will face 2 bonelords, 2 scorpions and the Black Knight which is a little further south. Kill everything to move more freely and claim your reward by giving “Use” to the dead trees south of the room, the blue box indicates the portal you have to go through to get out.

Here I do my heroic act by confronting the Black Knight alone and claiming my rewards:

Black Knight quest Finished

You can now terminate Black Knight Quest

Credits: Eve

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