Balancing Project Changes Part III

Dear Tibians,

Welcome to the third part of our equilibrium project. For today’s patch, we’ve made several changes again to improve your hunting experience:

Yalahar Cemetery Quarter

  • Increased Monster Density
  • He connected some of the underground basements in the northeastern part of the cemetery (Grim Reaper area)

Our goal with these changes is to improve your hunting experience in all parts of the graveyard. In the northeastern part of this area, newly added passages allow for a vertical circuit through the basements, where the Grim Reapers lurk in the shadows.

Sunken neighborhood of Yalahar

  • Increased Monster Density
  • Some obstacles were removed in the eastern part of the deeper layer to create a wider passage.
  • Increased Multi-Monster Experience:
    • Quara Predator: 1,600 -> 1,850 XP
    • Quara constrictor: 250 -> 380 XP
    • Quara mantassin: 400 -> 600 XP
    • Quara Hydromancer: 800 -> 950 XP
    • Quara Gripper: 1200 -> 1500 XP

This will mainly improve the sunken neighborhood of Yalahar and will also affect the caves of Malada, Calassa, Frozen Trench, and Vandura Quara.

  • Increased Boss Experience:
    • Splasher: 500 -> 1500 XP
    • Red: 250 -> 700 XP
    • Sharp tooth: 1,600 -> 3,000 XP

In this area, we’ve increased the experience of all monsters, including bosses, to create a more rewarding hunt. The new passage in the deeper layer should allow you to navigate this area more efficiently.

Medusa Tower

  • Increased respawn rate by approximately 10%.
  • Added another layer on top with the new Gorga boss (Bane category).
    • This new layer can be reached through a rope point.
    • A new teleporter, watched over by Gorga’s stone-throwing eyes, can be used to jump back to the ground floor of the tower.

These changes are intended to bring a proper end to your ascent to Medusa Tower and make it more efficient.


  • Increased Monster Density
  • Increased respawn rate by approximately 100% (the respawn rate of some ice dragon hatchlings has aligned with this faster respawn rate)
  • Ice Dragon: Increased earth sensitivity to 100.
  • Ice Dragon Hatchling: Increased land sensitivity to 100.

This change will primarily improve Okolnir, but will also affect Chyllfroest Icefire Caves.

Bounacean Lion (Crypt Warriors)

  • Crypt Warrior: Experience increased from 4200 -> 5500 XP
  • Increased Monster Density

These changes will primarily improve the second underground layer of this area.

Monster Graveyard

Monster attacks that previously dealt fire damage will now deal physical or fatal damage.
This change should align Monster Graveyard’s difficulty with Crystal Enigma and Sparkling Pools.

We hope these changes will improve your gaming experience and look forward to your feedback.

Happy hunting,
Shazaya and Ilyndor

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