Fan Site Appreciation Day 2024

It’s time again to celebrate the strong bond between Tibia and fansites on this year’s Fansite Appreciation Day. This day, which had its origin in the 15th Anniversary of the Fansite Program , has become a well-established tradition. Many fansites use this day as an occasion to celebrate fansite communities and their support teams.
Have you ever considered joining a fan site as a staff member? If you’re interested, check out the presentations from the different fan sites below or on our Fansites section . If you see something you’d like to support and spend more time on, contact your administrator. They are often looking for dedicated helpers. Maintaining an interesting fan site is really quite a job, and you often need help.

Also this year, several fansites organized contests to participate in to celebrate this traditional event. Continue reading to find out what activities are scheduled for this year’s Fansite Appreciation Day period.

Of course, we will also be raffling off fansite articles again in the well-known Fansite Article Lottery . Spread the word, you can find it in the poll section!

You might be wondering why we are doing such a lottery and spreading so many articles on the fan site.
As you can probably imagine, we don’t really like the fact that fansite items are as valuable as they are. However, we like the concept of fansite articles in general. They are our way of showing appreciation to the fan sites that provide entertainment and information to Tibians around the world.

Their purpose is to publicize the fan site they represent within the game and to be a commemorative element of a good time. Therefore, they should be something that people can treasure. Not as a monetary value, but in their hearts. So we hope to reduce their value by spreading more of them, thus also giving Tibians who are not interested in participating in fan site contests, or helping fan sites, the opportunity to receive one.

In a nutshell, here are the facts : We’re raffling off three of every fansite item that is currently active or has been active during 2023. Choose your favorite item in the survey ¿ Which fansite article is the best? and add a short comment, stating what you like about the fan site it represents. Your feedback will be forwarded to the administrator of the fansite whose article you chose. So this is also your chance to show appreciation to the fan site administrator. Your feedback will be submitted anonymously, so if you want the fansite admin to know your character’s name, you should include it in the comment.
Winners will be selected at random, however, we will also review feedback. Unwanted entries or entries containing insults will be discarded.
The giveaway will end on March 31, 2024 at midnight, CET. Be sure to submit your vote on time. If you wake up on Sunday, March 31 and haven’t submitted your ballot yet, you’ve missed your chance for this year.

So, head to the survey section right away. Please note that each Tibia account can only participate once in the lottery and as long as it contains a character of at least level 75. No premium time is required to participate.
The fansite item will be awarded to the highest-level character who has reached the primary level of a winning account.

Good luck to all!

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