Hidden Threats Quest

Hidden Threats Quest

You're invited to help the Coryms in their unfortunate situation. They are enslaved by another tribe and forced to dig up valuable resources. Hidden Threats Quest in Spanish.

Add-on to other quests.

No minimum level required.

No premium account required.



2 Gold Nugget
1 Small Emerald
1 Small Amethyst
1 Small Ruby

monsters you'll face

Corym Skirmisher
Corym Charlatan
Corym Vanguard
Stone Refiner
Cave Spider


The Coryms de Venore are going through a bad run, they have always dedicated themselves to extracting all the valuable natural resources that the land gives them, go into a large Coryms mine where the working conditions are realistic, all the workers are starving and working at the same time Who can exploit them like this? discover reason and help them with their extraction of materials.


First you should look for the Corym Ratter that is deep in Coryms en venore

Once inside you’ll find NPC Corym Ratter a little north of the entrance, you need to talk to him and ask him to investigate why the mine’s yields have declined so much, give you access to the north gate.

First dialogue with Corym Ratter.

Player: hi

Corym Ratter:
Welcome stranger! You might be surprised that I don’t attack you immediately. The point is, that I think you could be useful to me. What you see in front of you is a great mine of the corym! …

Corym Ratter:
We dig up all what mother earth delivers to us, valuable natural resources. But the yield is getting worse and here I need your help.


Corym Ratter:
Recently the amount of delivered ores is decreasing. Could you find out the reason, why the situation has become worse?

Player: yes

Corym Ratter:
Nice! I have opened the mine for you. But take care of you! The monsters of depth won’t spare you.

He walks north and talks to Corym Servant, realizes that Corym Ratter sent you and says his working conditions are terrible. In addition, the food he receives is never enough and he will ask you to release the prisoners to begin a revolt.

Player: hi

Corym Servant:
We work as hard we can, my master! Wait, I haven’t seen you here before. You’re sent by the Corym Ratter, I see. I misses the courage to visit us and find the reason for decreasing resources? He’s the coward I have expected.

decreasing resources

Corym Servant:
You have to know, that our work is very hard and the conditions we have are terrible. The wanted amount is abolutely unrealistic. Beyond that the food we get is never enough. …

Corym Servant:
Our workers should give their best while starving. This is not possible. That’s the point to defy the authority.


Corym Ratter:
I see you are interested to change our sitation. The first thing I like you to do is to liberate the jailed coryms. There are three areas with locked doors. You have to find a way to get access. …

Corym Ratter:
For this reason I will give you access to the second floor. It was closed because it wasn’t possible to continue working at these enourmous high temperatures. Furthermore we were instantly attacked by stonerefiners. So take care of you!

Forging the key

To seal the key you must collect two parts and a metal and then merge them. Enter through the door next to it, go down the floor and collect the 3 artifacts (on the way you see Stone Refiners killing because you should gather 20 Rare Earth).

Hidden Threats Quest
Hidden Threats Quest
Hidden Threats Quest
Hidden Threats Quest

Once obtained the Rusted Key Fragment uses the Metal File in them

With the new two pieces you should go to the right of the stairs (Right where you came down) and you will find a Lava Crucible, use the two polished pieces in the fire and become shiny framentos, now use one framento in the other.

Hidden Threats Quest

The key obtained when using one fragment on the other must be used on the Yunke next to it and converted into a Forged Glowing Key,finally use the key in the water on the left and you will have your key ready.

Releasing prisoners

Return to Corym Servant’s apartment and free the three Corym workers . One west of the NPC, one to the east and one to the south-west, each will give you a gem.

Pink circles represent the location of the 3 doors you must open to free the workers.

Go back to Corym Servant again and he’ll tell you the job isn’t done yet. For riots, they need heat-resistant weapons and armor and this can be done by adding Rare Earth to common materials. For this, you must deliver 20 of this material that can be obtained in the cave below, killing Stonerefiners.

After picking up the items, go back to him and tell him you found the 20 Rare Earth. As a reward for your help, you will deliver 02 Gold Nugget.

Before he departs, he warns you: he says to take care of yourself, because there are rumors that there is a guardian on guard, watching the mine!

The Guardian!

Go back the way you came in and get out through the carrier, you’ll come up with the NPC warning. An incredible Cave Spider and 3 more tarantulas, defeat them and go out through the portal on the right.

Finished Hidden Threats Quest

You've finished Hidden Threats Quest.

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