Demon’s Lullaby

Demon's Lullaby Full guide

A mother's obligation becomes a hero's duty, when a demon mother decides to have a few days off. Save and meet your horrible toddlers, to avoid their anger and earn a reward. Keep in mind: Baby devils can be more dangerous than you think.


Required: No



Quest Rewards

1 of the 7 babies (random)

Achivement: Baby Sitter

Achivement: I Did My Part

Achivement: Nanny Form Hell

Obtainable by completing the event 5 times.*

SERVER Rewards

If the server is successful in the event there will be 50% more experience until May 21.

Note: For the server to be successful, at least 500 babies must be delivered by May 14.

Successful message: Your world has pleased the demon mother. Your experience gain is increased!.

Unsuccessful message: The demon mother is disappointed. You were not able to help her with all of her babies.

Important note: Remember that the event is personal, you will not receive extra reward if you do the event with several babies of different characters, each player must comply with the request of their own baby.

Monsters you'll face

Fire Devil
Winter Wolf
Carrior Worm
Demon Skeleton
Demon Skeleton


Mouldy Cheese
Fishing Rod
Dragon Ham
War Drum

Starting La Quest:

The event will begin on May 7 and end on May 14. For this event you will need to fulfill wishes that the infant demon will ask for every 20 hours. In total there are 6 wishes, these will be random and you can repeat the request more than once.

To start the event you must go to Jakundar Desert

in the city of Venore, there you will find the Npc Demon Mother (mother of the demons).

Once you find the Npc Demon Mother you will tell you the following:

Player: Hi

Demon Mother:
Greetings, meatbag. Speak quick, my patience is short.


Demon Mother:
I need some of you mortals to care for some of my children. They are only demon babies so it shouldn’t be too hard, even for such limited creatures as you are. …

Demon Mother:
I’ll hand you one of my babies and you’ll take care of it. You can only care for one baby at a time. …
Demon Mother: Demon babies are moody and spoilt. Each few hours it will request something from you and you will have to fulfil its wishes to keep it happy. It will let you know what it wants. …

Demon Mother:
Do whatever pleases the baby to satisfy it for a few hours. If you comply with its wishes often enough, it will become cheery. It might take a few days and don’t think it’s easy. …
Demon Mother: Some of the baby’s wishes might be exotic and others outright dangerous. But that is the fate of babysitters since the dawn of time. …

Demon Mother:
Bring my darlings back to me as soon as they are cheery. This phase will last for a while and it will be easy for me to keep an eye on them. …
Demon Mother: If enough of your people help me and bring me my cheery darlings, I will be pleased and your world will be rewarded. …
Demon Mother: If you fail though .. well, let’s say you will not like this alternative. I can become really mean if I am mad and most demons owe me something! …
Demon Mother: So are you up to this?

Demon Mother:
Uh… Uh… Really? Fabulous! Here we go! Take care! It is now bound to YOU, so don’t try to swap it with another baby. My magic will prevent that and return it to you!

The npc will give you an infant demon, the little one will make a request. After fulfilling it the baby will sleep 20 hours. Remember, every 20 hours you must wake up the demon infant (give him use) this will start crying and will ask you for another task to perform.


Phrases of the Baby

– I’m hungry! want to eat draagoon haaam!

The baby will ask you to eat a dragon ham.

– I want to eat a firefly!

The infant asks for a small firefly to satisfy his appetite. You can find it in the trees of ab’dendriel as shown in the following image.

I want to eat many, many worms!

The little one will ask you to feed him with a worm.

Use a: in a: Worm.

Meee wanne eat wheat!

He wants you to give him wheat.

Use a: in a: Wheat.

I very hungry much! Me want eat black zeehp!

The infant demon will ask you for a living black sheep to satisfy your voracious appetite (it may be invocation).

Use a: in a: Black Sheep.

I want to mouldy cheeeeze!

You must feed him a mouldy cheese.

Use a: in a: Mouldy Cheese.

Waaah! I ztomach theft! Waaah! Make it better! Get out whatz theft zomehow!

The little glutton ate many things and got sick to the stomach, help him remove the items he devoured with a fishing rod to relieve his pain.

Use a fishing rod: in your demon infant: .

Me want to kizz other demon baby

The infant wants to give a kiss to another infant demon, so you will need the help of another person to do this task or have asked for another infant demon with another character.

I want to kizz draaaagooon!

He wants to kiss a dragon.

Use a: in a: Dragon.

I want to kizz fire devil!

The baby wants to kiss a fire devil.

Use a: in a: Fire Devil.

I stinky! I needing lava bath!

The infant demon feels dirty, he needs you to take him to take a rich lava bath. The fastest option is in Fibula

Muuuhaaahaa! I want my pacifier!

For this task you need a hammer, this item you can buy with the npc Nelliem in the city of Venore. the following image shows the exact location of npc nelliem

Use a: Hammer in your infant demon:

Me wanne zee big zhip in Venore!

It asks you to see the Great Ship of Venore

which is located on the left side of the normal boat of Venore.

I want to see draaagons isle! Where old draaagons go.

Go to dragon island in Draconia.

Me want to zee emperor of lil’ dwarfz!

See the emperor of the dwarfs in Kazordoon: Emperor Kruzak

I want to see house of saaantaaa!

Go to the Casa de santa

in Vega.

I thirzty. I want to drink a keg of beer!

The baby asks you for a keg of beer, you can use the one on the Adventurer’s Island

as shown in the image below.

I want to make muzic! I want to play waaaahdrum!

You must make music with a war drum.

I want to play in zaaand! Finding treazure, building caztlez!

He wants to play making castles in the sand.

I want to lick some snooow!

You want to try the snow on some ice island such as senja, vega, folda etc.

Reporting work on Demon's Lullaby

To finish the Demon’s Lullaby event satisfactorily, you must fulfill 6 requests and once done, the baby will be happy and it must be returned with the “demon mother” mom saying the following words:

Player: hi

Demon Mother:
Greetings, meatbag. Speak quick, my patience is short.


Demon Mother:
Are you here to bring one of my little darlings back to me?


Demon Mother:
Brilliant! Your world might actually avert my wrath. We will see. To remind you of these cheerful days I’ll hand you a magical simulacrum of one of my children!

CREDITS of Demon's Lullaby Event

All credits correspond to:

Demon's Lullaby: Complete guide and tasks.

20% de descuento usando el cupon: Tibiapedia

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