Demon’s Lullaby: Complete guide and tasks.

Demon's Lullaby Full guide

A mother's obligation becomes a hero's duty, when a demon mother decides to have a few days off. Save and meet your horrible toddlers, to avoid their anger and earn a reward. Keep in mind: Baby devils can be more dangerous than you think.


Required: No



Quest Rewards

1 of the 7 babies (random)

Achivement: Baby Sitter

Achivement: I Did My Part

Achivement: Nanny Form Hell

Obtainable by completing the event 5 times.*

SERVER Rewards

If the server is successful in the event there will be 50% more experience until May 21.

Note: For the server to be successful, at least 500 babies must be delivered by May 14.

Successful message: Your world has pleased the demon mother. Your experience gain is increased!.

Unsuccessful message: The demon mother is disappointed. You were not able to help her with all of her babies.

Important note: Remember that the event is personal, you will not receive extra reward if you do the event with several babies of different characters, each player must comply with the request of their own baby.

Monsters you'll face

Fire Devil
Winter Wolf