New Decoration Store

New decoration items have arrived at the Store today. Channel your inner blacksmith with the
Smithy Furniture Pack and
other varied items to show your friends and acquaintances that the talents of a true craftsman reside within you.

Not everyone is made to work on Forge, asyou have to be able to withstand its fiery heat.

The pair of bellows enlivens the flames of the forge, causing the fire to heat up enough for the blacksmith to work the metal properly.

This abrasive tooth has seen many leaves sharpen against its relentless surface and has the markings that prove it.

The Anvil can well be called the heart of the blacksmith’s shop, where all creations take shape under the powerful blows of the hammer.

While it’s not really a common place in a blacksmith’s workplace, this Elephant Baby will keep you company during the arduous workday. It can also be cooled if the setting fire gets too hot.

Having been forged to last, the wrought-iron bed
with its sturdy frame
it’s an excellent piece of craftsmanship.

When you shop, these items will be delivered directly to you as decoration kits, which you can unwrap inside your home. Unwrapped decoration elements cannot be carried and are also indestructible.

We hope you enjoy the new decorative elements!
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