More Convenience Features

Get ready for the second trailer, where we’ll reveal a variety of improvements aimed at making your daily adventures in Tibia more convenient and enjoyable.

Have you been too busy fighting to notice the piles of gold sitting right next to you? Have you lost count of how many bodies are stacked on the battlefield? Let our Loot Highlight feature be your guide to glory and riches. This new feature visually highlights every unlooted corpse. For the first 10 seconds, only authorized raiders can see it. If at least one corpse in a pile is not looted, the pile/field will remain highlighted. The Loot Highlight will persist until one of the following three conditions is met: there was an interaction with the corpse via quickloot, the corpse container was opened, or the corpse decomposed, leading to a containerless state. The loot highlights are optional and can be turned off by going to Options and selecting Interface → Game Window.

Bosstiary Tracker it’s another addition that works similarly to the established Bestiary Tracker. This widget streamlines the process of monitoring your progress with pre-selected bosses, specifically those that have been defeated at least once. Choose your favorite bosses from the Cyclopedia and unleash your righteous fury on them.

Finally, we’ve added a new feature that helps organize items obtained from NPC vendors or the stash, simply by assigning specific items to pre-selected containers. You can access this feature in the Options menu under Miscellaneous and Gameplay, where you’ll find two new options called Automatically sort purchases and Automatically sort stash into containers . These options are enabled by default. As part of this change, the Manage Loot Containers option will also be renamed to Manage Containers.

We hope these convenience features are welcome additions!
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