Last It’s time to unveil some intriguing details about the riches you can gain from Rotten Blood if you traverse the unholy grounds and overcome the bitter rot.

Blood Power

In addition to their impressive values, the new best elements in the slot are imbued with blood power: each element enhances one of the best spells of your calling, similar to the Wheel of Destiny. The new weapons will also be available as special versions. The strength of its magnification exceeds that of the regular version, hence its prefix Grand and its refined appearance.

While we’re leaving their detailed stats for the test server, you can already see their fancy craftsmanship, their names and elements, and their augmentations:

Hover over the image to see the name and item

Knight Weapons: Fierce Berserk
Paladin Weapons: Divine Caldera
Sorcerer’s Weapons: Great Fire Wave and Energy Wave
Druid Weapons: Strong Ice Wave and Terra Wave

The augmentation of a regular blood weapon has a strong impact , about half the damage increase you can get from the spell increase on the Wheel of Destiny.
The augmentation of a great blood weapon has a powerful impact , similar to the damage increase you can get from the spell augment on the Wheel of Destiny.

Legs, Boots: Reduces the cooldown of the avatar spell by 9 minutes.

Obtaining Blood Items

The new best items in the slot can fall into a bag that you covet of Bakragore’s four sons. Corruptions will increase this drop chance.
By defeating Bakragore for the first time, you have a better chance of dropping a bag you covet . This chance will continue to increase with each kill until you pull a bag out of it. Your drop chance then returns to its original value, which is considerably lower than the increased first kill chance. Every time you subsequently defeat him without receiving a bag, your chances increase again until your next fall.

Having corruptions also gives you the opportunity to plunder tainted hearts and hearts of dark light of normal monsters in Rotten Blood. The higher the number of corruptions, the higher your chance of falling. So what is its purpose?
Once you’ve killed Bakragore for the first time, you can use an altar in the Hall of Blood for a crimson offering:
If you sacrifice 5 Tainted Hearts, 5 Dark Light Hearts, and 50,000,000 Gold, you’ll get a bag you covet including a better in-slot item.

Defeating Bakragore while suffering from his burden is the only way to have a chance to loot the great versions of the new best weapons in the slot. The higher the charging stage, the higher the chance of looting the best item in the Bakragore slot and the higher the chance of weapons dropping as a great version.

Promotion Scrolls

There’s another magnificent treasure that you can get your hands on in Bakragore: the Promotion Scrolls. The smallest one grants your character 3 promotion points that you can spend on your Wheel of Destiny, the most powerful one grants a whopping 20 points to your character.

The higher the charging stage in your fight, the higher the chance of looting a more powerful scroll from Bakragore. Each character above level 51 can only use each type of scroll once, so in total a character can earn an additional 50 promotion points this way.

Of course, there are more valuables and achievements that you can bring with you from this desecrated place. We hope you’re eager to explore Rotten Blood, push your limits, and reap the glory.

To the adventurous and brave,
to the inquisitive and curious,
To the stalwart and uncompromising who venture to the limit and beyond,

This is your calling.

Coming soon: The dawn of your journey in Testa, Testera and Testebra is approaching!

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