Bosses guide for free account

Boss guide in free account

There are several options to hunt Bosses in free zone, below a small guide of those considered most important because of the valuables of the loot, I will specify details such as the location the minimum level required and the loot

General Murius:

General Murius

This boss can be defeated from level 30, always have expansive runes on hand to kill all the accompanying minotaurs, so he doesn’t get in your way when defeating him. This boss’s valuable loot is a Dwarven Helmet

Where to find him?

generam murius mintwallin location
Reward: Dwarven Helmet.

Zevelon Duskbringer

Zevelon Duskbringer

I recommend having area runes with you as it becomes constantly invisible, and be careful as it summons vampires. From level 50 you can take on this boss, this boss’ valuable loot is the Vampire Lord Token

Where to find him?

Zevelon Duskbringer
Vampire Lord Token
Reward: Vampire Lord Token

Rare Orc

Basically equal to a normal orc, with Some Stealth Rings enough to kill you at level 8, I only recommend that someone take you where it appears, since there are creatures like the Orc Shaman and the Orc Leader that are immune to invisibility (i.e. if you go with a level eight), the valuable loot that this creature can give us is an old and used backpack that can be exchanged for a Dwarven Armor with the npc Sams Thais.

Where to find him?

rare orc
Reward: Old and used Backpack



For this boss you need to be Druid / Elder Druid, as they are the only ones who can enter the portal where this boss appears. I recommend you have at least level 30 when you face it, keep in mind that the boss appears next to War Wolfs, so taking some avalanches with you wouldn’t hurt. This boss’s valuable loot is Wooden Whistle.

Where to find him?

It can be found in Plains of Havoc, exactly in this location is the teleport that will take you to the boss:

fernfang location
Wooden Whistle
Reward: Wooden Whistle

The Old Widow

giant spider

Regarding this boss, you should only be aware of the warnings of the server, because when it is about to respawnear, the following warning appears: “The mating season of the giant spiders is at hand. Leave the plains of havoc as fast you can” This boss has considerable damage, so you should never trust yourself, the recommended level is at least 80. This boss’ valuable loot is the spool of yarn and sweet smelling bait

Where to find him?

The location of these raids is in Plains of Havoc, exactly here:

the old widows location


Spool of Yarn
Spool of Yarn
Sweet Smelling Bait
Sweet Smelling Bait



Despite not being a boss proper, it can be a good option to get 50 charm points and get the famous Bunnyslippers, the recommended level would be 40+ as a combo between your wave and a melee could be fatal, usually appearing one to three. As I mentioned earlier, the valuable loot is the Bunnysslippers

Where to find him?

It can be found in Folda, in the surroundings of this place:

yeti location
Reward: Bunnyslippers

Rotworm Queen

Rotworm Queen

This Boss is only a little stronger than a Carrion Worm, you can easily kill him at level 8 using Stealth Ring, this boss’s valuable loot is a Glánd.

Important fact: you need the 3012 key to open the doors that lead to Hellgate, you get through the npc Elathriel for a cost of 5000gp, also keep in mind that you need Parcels to be able to leave if you are free account.

Where to find him?

In the free area you can find it in Hellgate, exactly in this place:

rotworm queen location
Reward: Gland



The Boss of Dragons, it is recommended to go from level 80, in case of being magicians I recommend the use of utamo vita, the valuable loot of this boss is the Dragon Claw.

Where to find him?

The location of this Boss is in Plains of Havoc, right here:

surface demodras
tree demodras
Its exact location is in a cave, whose entrance is hidden in this tree, there you will get a path that will take you to the boss.
dragon claw
Reward: Gland

The Horned Fox

The Horned Fox

It is quite rare to find this Boss, the recommended level to face this boss is 30+, it is worth bringing area runes like avalanches or great fire balls, as it becomes invisible and summons Minotaurs Guards and Archers. This boss’s valuable loot is the Nose Ring and the Dwarven Helmet

Important fact: another way to face this Boss is to perform the task entrusted by NPC Budrik of the 5000 Minotaurs.

Where to find him?

It can be found on the Horned fox lair, exactly in this location:

the horned fox location
Nose Ring
Reward: Nose Ring
Reward: Dwarven helmet

Femor hills orc raids

Orc Warlord

These raids are a little difficult to find, since they have no prediction, they only need to be reviewed whenever possible, they contain all kinds of orcs, and it is the Orc Warlords who must be prioritized, since of them we will get
AmazonArmor, Amazon Helmet and Amazon Shild

I personally believe that for these raids at least be level 50, since the Orc Warlords leave in enclosed spaces, making it impossible to kill them while you run away from them.

Where to find him?

The Femor Hills orcs raids are located exactly here:

femor hills
Amazon Armor
Reward: Amazon armor
Amazon Helmet
Reward: Dwarven helmet
Amazon Shield
Reward: Amazon Shield

More information:

This guide was created by: hardead55 and for, All credits correspond to the creator.

What did you think of these bosses? Did you all know them? Are there any missing?

Leave your answers in the comments, it will be important to know all your opinions and if you know more bosses to free do not hesitate to share it and this post will be updated.

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