Alawar’s Vault Quest

Alawar's Vault Quest

Alawar's Vault Quest

Want to complete Alawar’s Vault Quest? then we leave you the complete guide so that you can make it, enjoy your rewards.

Also known as: Senja Castle Quest
Quest Type: Main Quests
Level required: No level requirement.
Premium: No
Map Area: Southern Ice Islands

Monsters you can find…





Winter Wolf

Poison Spider

Frost Troll




Minotaur Archer

Minotaur Mage


Minotaur Guard




3 White Pearl


Warlocks are wizards who spend their time researching new ways to use magic, either against their enemies, as well as for use in their evil plans. Alawar, Warlock of Senja, left some treasures hidden under his castle, protected by ferocious minotaurs who will not hesitate to obey his employer. In addition, it has covered the tickets with Magic Walls, making it impossible for anyone to cross them.

The Alawar Vault Quest can be done in two ways: through the folda caves to reach Vega, facing the Minotaurs, or by pressing a hidden lever under Senja Castle. Even if there is no difference in the reward if you do it one way or another, it is worth mentioning that it is possible to perform the Dark Helmet Quest if you do it in the long way.

Required Items:

  • 20 gold coins.
  • At least 6 or 7 Destroy Field Runes.
  • Pick.

Ice Islands Caves

To begin with, we must travel to Folda, For this we will go with the NPC Nielson that is located northwest of Carlin as indicated by the map below. Once we get to him we will say: Hi, Folda, Yes.

Alawar's Vault Quest

Once in Folda, you will have to enter the depths of the island through the stairs as follows:

Alawar's Vault Quest

The first thing we’re going to do is get Key 4503. Follow the route as marked on the map to find the chest containing this key. Along the way you will face Spiders, Bats, Poison Spiders, Winter Wolf, Rotworms, etc. Once you’re in the cross-shaped room, you’ll encounter some Minotaurs. . Go left and you’ll see several chests. Open them until you find key 4503.

Alawar's Vault Quest
Alawar's Vault Quest

Now that you have the key in hand follow the path on the next map. You will use the 4503 key to open the door marked with the yellow circle, which will allow you to reach the point marked with a triangle.

In this place use the destroy field rune in the indicated space with a yellow box and also use your pick in the same box to be able to go down to the next floor.

Alawar's Vault Quest

Once you have managed to go down, continue walking as indicated in the image below until you reach the point indicated by an arrow, where we will find the key inside the chest located in the lower right corner.

Now that we have keys 4501 and 4503 we just need to get the 4502 key. This last key will be won as a reward for the Dark Helmet Quest, which is done on this very floor.

From your current position follow the next route until you reach the point marked again with a yellow arrow. At this point you will find the key in the chest indicated in the image as well as some Minotaurs that you will have to defeat.

Alawar's Vault Quest

Since you’ve got the 4502 key, it’s time to conclude Alawar’s Vault Quest. Follow the route indicated in the following image until you reach the indicated point with the yellow arrow, you will face some Minotaurs when you arrive.

Get ready for combat as you’ll have to climb the stairs and face more Minotaurs. We recommend defeating Minotaur Mage first to avoid its magic damage. Then use your 4502 key to open the two doors of the room that encloses the two chests. Open the chests to get your reward and enter the teleport once you’ve done so.

Alawar's Vault Quest

After you’ve entered the teleport, you’ll have appeared in Senja Castle. Go down to the main floor and follow the next route to reach the pier. Talk to Svenson to return to tibiaa continent at a cost of 10 gold coins: Hi, Passage, Tibia, Yes.

Finally, walk southwest to return to the city of Carlin.

Enjoy your reward!

Alawar's Vault Quest Completed

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