Weekend: Rapid Respawn

Fix your swords and prepare your spells, because hordes of monsters are coming! Another Rapid Respawn weekend is upon us again!

Don’t forget to donate enough gold for your favorite hunting area to make the most of the event!

Between the Server Saves on the December 04 server and December 07, all monsters will reappear five times faster. Areas with a Respawn respawn bonus produce an even faster respawn time. Save the date!

Happy fight!

How to make the most of a Rapid Respawn?

Rapid Respawn are events where we can make the most of advancing in the Bestiarys, we have a very complete table where you can see which are the bestiarys that you can take advantage of the most in the events of Rapid Respawn, you can see it here: Places to do Bestiary.

Good luck to all of you who complete a lot of Bestiarys, do you know which ones they’ll complete? I hope many.

EK 650+ Wintera. 🙂

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