The White Raven Monastery Quest – Access to Isle of The Kings

The White Raven Monastery

The White Raven Monastery Quest

Need access to Isle of the kings? First you'll have to solve the mystery of The White Raven Monastery Quest,is an island inhabited by an order of monks and one of them has disappeared into the Ghostland, helps find it to solve The White Raven Monastery Quest and get access to Kings Island.


Required: 0, Recommended: 45+


Ghostland, Carlin.

Quest Rewards

Blessed Ankh
Family Brooch
Family Brooch

Access to Isle of the Kings (Island of Kings)

Monsters you'll face

Demon Skeleton
Demon Skeleton
giant spider
Giant Spider


MultiPurpose Tool or Pic
Multipurpose tool or Rope, Pick and Shovel.


This quest is divided into 2 parts, the first part is to have access to the Isle of kings and in the second part we will help Costello investigate what happened.


First go to Ghostlands west of Carlin to the location marked with a green down arrow, down (use your shovel to open the pile of stones) follow the road south and go up, follow the path marked with green and go down the stairs.

Once there follow the path I show you until you reach where 2 coffins are located.

The White Raven Monastery 2
Use the northern coffin to get the family brooch.

You see a family brooch.
It weighs 1.10 oz.

You see the familyname Windtrouser engraved on this brooch.

Once you have it with you go to Dalbrect and talk to him as follows.


Be greeted, traveller Lilhy Pichu. Welcome to my hut.
Dalbrect: I am merely a humble fisher now that nothing is left of my noble legacy.
PLAYER: legacy
Dalbrect: Once my family was eleven noble and wealthy, but fate turned against us and threw us into poverty.
PLAYER: fate
Dalbrect: When Carlin tried to colonise the region now known as the ghostlands, my ancestors put their fortune in that project.
PLAYER: project

Our family fortune was lost when the colonisation of those cursed lands failed. Now nothing is left of our fame or our fortune. If I only had something as a reminder of those better times. <sigh>
PLAYER: brooch

What’s that? You want me to examine a brooch?

Can it be? I recognise my family’s arms! You have found a treasure indeed! I am poor, and all I can offer you is my friendship, but… please… give that brooch to me?
Dalbrect: Thank you! I shall consider you my friend from now on! Just let me know if you need something!

Once this is done you will have access to the Island of Kings, on the island you will have to talk to Costello and he will ask you to do a small investigation into the whereabouts of his brother Fugio.

Go back to Ghostlands and following the maps I show you search for the Diary of Costello’s brother.

In order to pass, you will have to disable the 2 Magic Wall shown in the image, follow the path shown in the following images to disable the levers.

Lever 1.

Lever 2.

If you are a small level you should be careful because once you go down the stairs of the image marked with the number 2 you will not be able to go back and you will have to face a Giant Spider on the next descent.

Once you have activated the lever, to go back down the hole of the image marked with the number 4 and follow the way back marked in the images with the numbers 5 and 6, you will appear where the star (Image marked with the number 2), walk to the left to get out of there.

You will notice that the 2 magic walls have disappeared, cross and lower the hole to the north right, once you have advanced 5 frames, the magic walls will reappear. DO NOT USE THE TELEPORT (It sends you behind the magic walls and you will have to do everything again).

NOTE: The levers are NOT time, so if you are small level you will have enough time to activate the 2.

You will find Fugio (or at least his body) following the path I show you in the following image. Take his stuff (He’ll give you a backpack when using his body) and go back to Costello using tp to get you out of the Magic Walls.

In Fugio’s backpack will be his Diary, you reach Costelo.


You see a monk’s diary.
It weighs 13.00 oz.

Get out of Ghostlands, go with Dalbrect and ask for a Passage.

Player: hi

Be greeted, traveller Lilhy Pichu. Welcome to my hut.
Player: Passage

Since you are my friend now I will sail you to the isle of the kings for 10 gold. Is that okay for you?

Have a nice trip!

Once on the island, head to the monastery and talk to Costello.

Player: hi

Welcome,Player:! Feel free to tell me what has brought you here.
Player: Fugio

To be honest, I fear the omen in my dreams may be true. Perhaps Fugio is unable to see the danger down there. Perhaps … you are willing to investigate this matter?
Player: yes

Thank you very much! From now on you may open the warded doors to the catacombs.

As a reward for helping you, he will give you access to the sealed door on the left of the monastery (Grave Danger Quest and The Secret Library Final Boss Access).

To get off the island, just talk to Captain Jack on the boat and ask him to return you to tibia continent.

: If you ever kill Monks there, your departure will be restricted and you will have to pay Costelo a fine depending on your level.

Player: hi

WHAT? You have to be that trespasser my brothers told me about! Entering the restricted area is a horrible crime!
Player: crime/absolution
Costello: The only way to redeem such an offence is the sacrifice of 500/1,000/5,000/10,000 gold pieces! Are you willing to pay that sum?
Player: yes
Costello: So receive your absolution! And never do such a thing again!
Player: bye
Costello: Good bye, Player!


All credits correspond to:

❤️ Thank you forever❤️

The White Raven Monastery Quest completes.

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