Removing content from tournaments

As previously announced in 2021, we will be removing all content related to Tibia Tournaments.

This will happen on March 21, 2023, saved on the server.

This affects, among other minor things, the content of the community section and account management on the website, as well as references to in-game tournaments.

Please note that all tournament currencies will also be removed from the game on this date. So make sure that the remaining tournament coins are sold out before March 21. Any tournament coins that have not been used by then will be removed.

With a few exceptions, rewards that were available for Tournament Coins in the store can be purchased for Tibia Coins after Tournament Coins cease to exist.

About the exceptions:

  • The War Lion Costume , Rioting Ogre Doll , Throwing Horror Doll , Sublime Tournament Award , and Tournament Award will be available through NPCs in exchange for Drome Points.
  • In addition, NPC Walter Jaeger offers tournament items Champion Puppy Cerberus , Demon Doll , and Vexclaw Doll for Hunting Task Points.
  • The Dragon Slayer Outfit will be available at a later date. Our goal is to implement a challenging way to earn it in the game. An exact date for implementation has not yet been set.

Outfits and mounts purchased by Tibia Coins, Drome Points or Hunting Task Points can only be used by the character who purchases them , they will not be unlocked account-wide for all characters like their Tournament versions.

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