AlasAna stumbled across the endless sands, her feet sinking deep with each step. The two scorching suns were falling on her, burning her skin and drying her mouth. He couldn’t remember how long he’d been walking, nor could he remember why he’d come to this desolate place. His memory of the last few days was only pieced together with fragments, leaving dark spaces he couldn’t remember.

“How ironic; I’m trying to escape the deadly rays of the moon, and now the sun is killing me,” Ayana muttered to herself

“What am I doing here?” she thought, her mind blurred and confused. “How did I get here?”

Endless dunes and a fiery horizon: the air seemed to consist only of boiling water particles. The heat was so intense that his head was spinning. But suddenly, the past rushed in, and with it, the unsettling reason for his suicide mission. He had braved dense jungle, climbed rugged mountains and traversed dark caves, killing dozens of dangerous creatures, only to meet a sad end in the desert.

while his demeanor changed to a gloomy state. “Oskayaat, my beloved island. The place where I belong, my refuge. I miss you… I need to find a way to get out of here. Not for me, but for my people.”

With clumsy steps, he traversed the desert sand for hours, his mind devoid of any agitated thoughts, until he suddenly stopped abruptly. She began to feel that the sand was swallowing her, as if it were alive and trying to consume her, crawling in her worn-out shoes and tattered clothes, filling her like an insidious parasite. As unsettling as this hallucination was, it was only a fleeting glimpse of what could happen if it failed; a dark harbinger of the terrible consequences to come.

“What if I never make it?” he thought, his heart racing with panic. “What if I’m stuck here forever? The burden of breaking this curse rests solely on my shoulders. If I fail, we are doomed.”

Ayana stumbled and fell to her knees, her body shattered with exhaustion. He closed his eyes and the lines between reality and fantasy blurred.

“This is a dream,” he thought as he felt himself lying in the sinister tomb of the desert gods. “This can’t be real.”

But even in his darkest hour, he couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something important in sight, something that would change everything.

“What am I looking for?” he asked again, his voice barely a whisper. “Why did I come here? Darama…”

And so she stayed there. With each passing moment, her life force faded, leaving her vulnerable to the mysterious and captivating shadows that accumulated in her mind.

“Finally, will I be torn to pieces, or will my people live?”

The sounds of ferocious grunts and gnashing teeth merged into a deafening symphony as his humanity faded into darkness.

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