New Tool: Boss Timer

Within our annual plans, this adds various tools and expands our content by 300%, including all achievements, weapons, spells, quest and of course the calculators and tools that we love so much.

The latest is a Boss Timer, it has the function of counting the CoolDown that each monster has so you know when you can kill him again. So far I have added the Bosses that I consider many people to kill daily, even ferumbras Ascendant and Gold Token that last 14 days.

Currently the boss timer is manual, and you have to enter Tibiapedia and click the boss just before entering the room, we hope that in the future we will find a way to do this automatically.

You should take into account that it works through Cookies in the browser, therefore if you change your browser or delete cookies the counters will be reset.

How about the new tool?

Any suggestions, and comments are welcome

EK 650+ Wintera. 🙂

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