Loot Analyzer: New Tool for Party Hunts

Hello community.

It is very common for players to contact us to propose some ideas or tools that they would like to see in Tibiapedia, we always try to offer useful tools and apps and little by little we have been expanding our repertoire so that they can use them.

Not long ago they told us that our calculator to distribute profit and waste was not so easy to use, because it is necessary to include the values manually, luckily we found a project on Github developed by: PawelKusnierk. And it is exactly as they were asking us.

So we adapted it and fixed some errors so that it worked perfectly, and we bring it renewed for you.

This new tool allows you to split the loot easily and quickly after a Hunt Party. All you have to do is copy the “Party Hunt” log and paste it, the results will be displayed with the dialogs to make the transfer from any bank NPC.

Upcoming updates:

  • Possibility of adding if you want to pay Preys.
  • Payment in Tibia Coins (at the current value).

We invite you to try the tool and you can leave any Feedback in the comments.

EK 650+ Wintera. šŸ™‚

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