Christmas Contest 2020

christmas contest 2020

Our favorite time has arrived, the month of the gifts :gift:, good wishes :angel: and the best Christmas spirit:santa:, in the arrival of this month we want to invite you to our first collaboration with our friends of Tibiagallery. Where we hope to see your great enthusiasm, creativity and good wishes!

The contest consists of uploading an image to celebrating a Christmas party, and mentioning why they should come to your party and not stay at home watching movies.


The best screenshot to choose from: Tibiapedia, Tibiagallery, Community Managers and other fansite managers will be the winner.


1. First Place: Tibiapedia  tibiapedia + Golden trophy of excellence 

2. Second Place: Bear Doll Bear_Doll + Silver trophy of excellence 

3. Third Place: Panda Teddy Panda Teddy+ Bronze trophy of excellence    

The Tibiapedia and Tibiagallery team wishes this Christmas to be a very special day for you and your loved ones, full of love and joy.

Duration of the contest

El limite se ha terminado, no recibimos mas participantes, pronto publicaremos los resultados.

⦿ All participants must be registered on Tibiapedia (Click here to register). And in Tibiagallery (Click here to register)

⦿ You should take a screenshot at your Christmas party saying why they should come to your party, no editing is allowed and the image should be only from the game screen and not from the client (See example).

⦿ You must upload the image to your Tibiagallery account, if you don’t have an account you can register here.

⦿ Photos uploaded on Tibiagallery as a guest are not valid (they have to be from your account).

⦿ The image must be made exclusively for the event.

⦿ The message can be in Spanish or English.

⦿ The photo can be taken anywhere in Tibia, your home or any other place is your choice.

⦿ Plagiarism is not allowed, therefore you cannot copy messages from Google because we will detect it and you will be disqualified.

⦿ The Tibiapedia team and Tibiagallery cannot participate in the contest.

⦿ You can participate with more than one screenshot, but you can only win one place.

⦿ If you have any questions you can ask directly for our official instagram @tibiapediaoficial or post on our forum.

⦿ All valid entries will be published in our Instagram.

⦿La screenshot must be from the official Tibia client, you cannot participate from Otservers

How will we choose the winner?

⦿ The creativity and originality of all entries will be taken into account.

⦿ The Tibiagallery and Tibiapedia Team will select the 5 proposals that we like the most and that seem to be creative, and they will be sent to vote to Cipsoft and other fansite administrators to choose the final winners.

Good luck to all participants and best wishes from all the staff of Tibiapedia and Tibiagallery

20% de descuento usando el cupon: Tibiapedia

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3 thoughts on “Christmas Contest 2020”

  1. Dominikk Illupo Dimentico

    I joined the contest trying to create a funny tibia-scene!
    Uploaded it to Tibiagallery ^^. Best of luck to all, and hope to see alot of great works!

  2. How do I register for this event?
    I have created two accounts as required.
    After I upload the image on Tibiagallery, where do I need to go/click in order to say that I want to participate in the event?

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