Balancing Project Changes Part II

Dear Tibians,

Welcome to Part Two of our ongoing balance project. This time, our main focus is on the design of the hunting grounds that are part of the Ascendant of the Bloodhounds mission.

General Settings

First, we’ve extended the teleport trap fix to the remaining locations where it was still possible to capture them in the hunting grounds of the Ferumbra Ascendants.

In addition, we have made numerous adjustments to the map of these hunting grounds to improve their effectiveness in hunting. Below, we’ve detailed the specific modifications made to each of the Ferumbra Ascendants’ hunting areas:

Motives for deception

We’ve connected two cave passages on the first level.

Fire Motives

We’ve added a passage in the first level.

Reasons for destruction

This was probably one of the most requested proposals in terms of changes to the map. We’ve added a small runner in the first level and in the level after Shatterer has been defeated.

Grounds, of Undeath

Plague Walker’s ice sensitivity has been increased.
Our goal with this change is to make the Ice element more viable in this hunting ground. This will also affect Pits of Inferno, Demon Forge, and Roshamuul Prison.

Added a cave passage to the first level and the level after the blood flowed from the well.

Reasons for despair

Since we wanted the main path of these levels to remain intact, we decided to implement one-way teleporters at the end of the first and second levels that allow you to return to the starting point of the respective level.

Center of Hell

A staircase has been implemented near the former levitation site to provide quicker access to the hunting grounds and make hunting more efficient.

As always, we’ll be keeping a close eye on the impact these changes will have on hunting efficiency and hope they improve your overall gameplay experience.

It will come later

On a final note, we’d like to give you a sneak peek at the upcoming changes next week. We are currently preparing modifications for the following hunting grounds:

  • Yalahar Cemetery Quarter
  • Sunken neighborhood of Yalahar
  • Medusa Tower
  • Okólnir
  • Rebounder Lion
  • Monster Graveyard

We welcome your suggestions so far and look forward to more constructive discussions in this news article’s thread.

Happy hunting,
Shazaya and Ilyndor

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