A refreshing experience

Listen! Listen to me! An icy bridge stretches out onto an island of hidden frost and fire, with cold-hearted, gloomy, and terrible monsters.

A cold storm is coming from the north. The howling wind whispers stories of an old, forgotten frozen island. What was once a lush and beautiful paradise, is now an eternal ice desert dominated by various types of monsters. Deep on the island and encased in the ice, a once-proud race, the ursagrodon, sleeps and waits intently to be released again…

From April 1st to May 1st, Chyllfroest Island will once again be accessible to all Premiums. To the west of Svargrond, an icy bridge has formed. This bridge makes it possible to access this very special island. You’ll find different dungeons with various creatures for different level ranges there.
If you’re exploring Chyllfroest more deeply, you may also encounter one of the famous frozen ursagrodons that can be thawed and tamed with a bit of luck.

But beware: yetis are rumored to have been spotted on this island before as well.

Enjoy spring, frost is coming…
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A Chylling Experience

Hear ye! Hear ye! An icy bridge stretches out onto an island of frost and hidden fire, with cold-hearted, gloomy, and frightening monsters. A cold

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