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NFL Requires Jerry Jones Compensation Related Litigation Fees

Update: reliable wholesale jersey sites According to the more exact message, NFL requires all the costs of the lawsuit before paying, and the amount exceeds $ 2 million. The resolution is made by Gudel and the boss.

According to the wholesale nfl jerseys cheap NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport. Roger Goodell, Roger Goodell, is expected to be a fine of $ million in Dallas Deni Jones Jones Jones.

The New York Times also confirmed this news and said the reason for free nfl jerseys online punishment or “Jones tried to hinder the renewal of Gudel, and he made many publications for the ban on the ban.” Ezekie Elliott. Oppose behavior.

Last season, Jones once tried to delay Gudel to complete the new contract, and expressed strong dissatisfaction with Elliot on the banquet of the Alliance Personal Behavior Policy.

But Jones did not harvest the results he wanted. Goodel completed renewal in early December, Elliot was finally selected to perform the ban on the ban after the appeal.


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