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The crow is cut off the old safe Wei Rick-Wadeer

Beijing March 6th Tuesday, according to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, the crow cuts the old WEDEDLE.

Wader has just been over the 34-year birthday, and his contract will originally enter the last year, the basic salary is 6.5 million US dollars, and the incentive prize is 1 million US dollars. The crow will save a salary space of $ 7.5 million. This may help them with line guards C. J. Connect to C. J. Mosley.

However, cutting Vedel is still unexpected, and he provides a valuable leadership for the crow, and has always maintained its own defensive efficiency. Before the four-year contract with the crow, Wadere has been a lightning effectiveness for nine years.

In the past three years, Wadere’s first 48 games have been completed, completed 220 cuddles, 3 kills and 10 copies, all selected for the same year’s professional bowl. The Weider career has been selected 6 times in a career bowl, nfl jerseys cheap jerseys and the best lineup of the nba jerseys wholesale united states States association will be selected.


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